Is it time to pull the plug?

In today’s modern world, everything has gone electric. We use laptops and mobile phones to control most of our lives, our accounts are mainly paperless and we exist is a virtual space that is portable, and available 24/7.


5 things that Financially Fit 50-somethings know

It is said that 50 is the new 40, and with people living longer, and expecting to be more active it is crucial to understand where you are financially.


Pink Boots and Pink Hair

How many things do we allow to become part of who we are, without ever stopping to think about whether they are really true for us or not?


Are you financially organised? Part 2

6 bank accounts, are you kidding? No, and it’s revolutionised my attitude to money.


Are you financially organised? Part 1

I’m one of those people that likes things in life organised, logical and predictable. I’m not very good with surprises, especially when it comes to money.

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Are you getting ready to retire?

Maybe you’re thinking of retiring soon. Maybe you’re delaying it for a few years. Perhaps you’re going to partly retire but continue working a little bit. Whatever you’ve decided, it makes sense for you to begin thinking about the choices you have and how you can make them work for you. 


5 ways that time in your garden can help re-energise your business

The thing that I love about the summer is being able to be outside, feeling the breeze on my skin and the sun on my face. Eating strawberries with a cool drink on hand, and just having time to sit, reflect and be calm. I’ve often said that my definition of happiness involves sitting under …

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3 Ways your Financial Adviser can help you to save tax

Tax planning has never been one of the most exciting topics – even if you are an accountant, which I’m not. But that doesn’t mean that you should move it to your ‘round tuit’ pile and not consider it further.


Would you rather be wealthy or rich?

The majority of people think that ‘wealthy’ is simply just another word for rich. Whilst the two are often linked I’m going to talk today about why becoming wealthy is rarely about the money. What?


The Wrong Type of Leaves

Rather like the wrong type of leaves being disruptive to the rail network – the wrong type of clients can be detrimental to your business. It can take ages for business owners to realise this, when they start out they are excited about their new venture and keen to prove to the world that they …

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How I got back in my skinny jeans after 15 years

Like most women, my body shape at 31-and-a-bit was not what it was at 18, with extra pounds where not wanted and clothes that I couldn’t wear, but refused to throw out.


Social Media Visibility

When you are passionate about what you do, believe in your capabilities and are confident that you are good at your job – you want to share it with everyone.


Is there room in 2017 for a Fairy Tale?

Given the choice, I’d be Sleeping Beauty. An idyllic childhood living with ‘aunties’ in a forest, before a single slightly uncomfortable encounter with a spinning wheel and a sleep for 100 years. Awakened by the kiss of the prince, to live happily ever after. Got to be better than being a skivvy for years on …

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The importance of decent support

I went through a single-sex education in the grammar school system, where it was drummed into us that we can achieve anything, as long as we are polite, prepared and hard-working (and obviously not wearing black bra under a white shirt).


I want to be a llama!

And so she swished her flowing locks… the star of the moment… posing for the camera… No, not me, the llama! 


Standing Out from the Crowd

The financial services industry is very male dominated, now I don’t know the figures exactly, but from the Gala dinner that I attended last week, I’d say that about 1 in 10 of the guests were female. Now the figures may be skewed slightly, as the event was mainly invited business owners, and those at …

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I don’t need a Will

A profound statement made recently by John, a new client of mine. Now don’t get me wrong, some people don’t need a Will – and I’m not the person to arrange things for my clients if they don’t need to – but in most cases, a Will prevents an unnecessary headache for those that you …

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What’s in the bag?

Girls like handbags. No surprises to most people there. First you get to choose the style and colour you prefer, having an on-going excuse to go shopping should you need something new to co-ordinate with an outfit. But better than that, you get to fill it with stuff. The average woman’s handbag contains a multitude …

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Time to Put Yourself First

Life is all about priorities- which things you choose to make time for in your life and which things you don’t. This can include your work, your family, your hobbies and, in a society where the ‘normal’ thing is to have it all (or want it all), it can be really hard to prioritise your …

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Three things I wish I’d really understood when I decided to run my own business – Part 3

3. Where did everybody go? It can be really lonely running your own business. One minute you’re employed, and have co-workers, a boss and people that you can bounce ideas off, chat to about sport, the kids, alpacas or whatever takes your fancy – then quick as a flash, there is just you, confined to …

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