#3 Ways to Build Wealth in 2022!

What I’m talking about are your goals for this year. The things you REALLY want to achieve.
They might be business goals; they might be personal goals or most likely, a combination of both.
But as business owners and entrepreneurs, we all need to have a clear idea of where we’re heading. After all, you wouldn’t get on a bus that didn’t have the destination printed on the front of it.

Making more BUT spending more too? You need a PLAN!

When your business starts making money, most people (understandably) go through a phase of splashing the cash. A new phone; upgrading your laptop; investing in a better webcam or microphone for your videos; subscriptions for more tech or the latest software that pings up in your feed and promises to make your life easier.

If your family don’t ‘get’ what you do…READ THIS!

It’s Christmas…which means it’s time to face the family!
Most of us have family we don’t see that often (especially over the last couple of years).
Every year, you sit there trying to make polite conversation with these people you grew up with. You love them. You care about them.
But what if you feel like you have nothing in common anymore?!

Are you ending this year where you REALLY want to be?

Did you want a Waitrose Christmas this year?
Maybe you picked up their glossy festive brochure (that seems to appear in store earlier and earlier!). Or maybe you’d love all the pre-prepared trimmings or veggie centrepiece or fancy deserts from their adverts.
But somehow, you’re still ending up doing your Christmas food shopping at Tesco?
Wherever you shop, this is REALLY about whether you’re ending 2021 where you wanted to be.

The BIG Questions To Ask Your Accountant!

Accountants have a wealth of knowledge and can be a hugely valuable part of your team, as the financial expert (or one of them ) within your business to help you actually make sense of your numbers.
But what if you don’t really understand what you’re meant to be asking them at all?

How to retire early…and AVOID clever pension scams!

When you’re brilliant at what you do and you love doing it, the traditional way of retiring just doesn’t hold the same appeal. I bet you can’t imagine yourself sitting in front of the TV, drawing a pension for the rest of your life? Me either!

And the great news is you don’t HAVE to.