How To Make Money Feel EXCITING… Instead Of Risky Or Stressful!

How you feel about money affects everything – how you earn, how you spend and how you save.


3 Easy Ways To Boost Your Profit!

Profit is the metric that really matters in your business. It doesn’t matter how many sales are coming in the top end – if you’re spending money as fast as it’s coming in, there’s no profit left at the bottom.


Theoretical Profit… Taking Control Of What You’re REALLY Earning!

What are you really earning?
I ran a workshop the other week, all about profit in your business. And I covered something that actually seemed pretty groundbreaking to a lot of the business owners who joined us!
Let me explain…


I Will Never ‘Out’ You… Don’t Let FEAR Stop You Getting Help With Your Finances!

I know one of the big things that puts people off getting help with their money and wealth-building, is the thought of having to share their financial stuff with someone else.
So I want to be totally straight with you here…


How To Feel GOOD About Money… Even When Your Bank Account Looks Empty!

The first thing is to make sure you are thinking about your business money as separate from your own personal money.


Is £50k A Good Salary From Your Business? (+ Important Child Benefit Changes!)

Is this £50k threshold an arbitrary figure we’ve come up with? Why DO so many business owners seem to be hooked on it?


Are YOU Stuck In The Online Bubble?

When you run a business that’s mainly in the online world, it’s so easy to lose touch with what’s going on when we (finally!) unplug ourselves from the internet.


Financial Adviser. Money Coach. Wealth Strategist… How To KNOW The Difference + Make The RIGHT Choice For You!

Financial Adviser. Money Coach. Wealth Strategist… I mean really, does it matter what we call ourselves these days?


Interest Rates Have Gone UP… Is It Still Worth Paying Off Your Mortgage?

A while ago, I wrote a blog where I said that paying off your mortgage was literally the last thing you should do.
But things have changed.


The ESSENTIAL Questions to Ask Your Accountant, To Grow Your Business This Year!

There’s definitely a misconception that all accountants do is fill out tax returns and it’s true that when you start in business, it may well be all you need them to do. Plenty of people complete their own tax return, without using an accountant at all.


Tax Return Time… How To Pay Less (But You Need To Act FAST!)

Are you happy with the amount of tax you paid this year?
I know that might sound like a strange question – it’s not like many of us throw a party to celebrate handing over our hand-earned cash to HMRC!


What Wealthy People Know About Money… That Ordinary People Don’t!

Ultimately, being wealthy is much more to do with money mindset, your attitude to spending and what you DO with your money, than how much money you have.


Christmas = The Perfect Time To Figure Out What You REALLY Want. Here’s How!

I mean what you really want – in your life; in your business; your marriage; your friendships; your relationship with your children. There is literally no better opportunity to take some time away from the noise and bustle of our usual daily lives, to think about the deeper questions.


Mortgage Rates Have Doubled… Is It Still Worth Buying A House?

It could be said that when it comes to buying a house, the sale is over. Because those low interest rates that we’ve enjoyed for nearly 12 years are well and truly gone and they’re back up to the level where interest rates usually are.


How To Justify Splashing Out In Your Business!

With the financial climate right now – where the cost of everything seems to be going up, and we’ve become more price aware than ever before – sometimes it can feel difficult or even awkward, when you need to make a big purchase in your life or in your business.


How Foo Fighters + I Save Thousands On Travel & Big Holidays… And How YOU Can Too!

When I was a kid, everyone wanted to go to Disneyland.
I mean, when we were tiny, we were happy with the local park. And then we really wanted to go to Alton Towers – but ultimately Disneyland was the place to go. And as a kid, I never got to go.


Making Time To Take ACTION… Or Nothing Happens!

Carving out time to take action. It’s not always easy, is it?!
I know you don’t need me to tell you this… but ultimately, it doesn’t matter how good a plan is, or how brilliant an idea you have or how excited you feel when you learn or discover something new.


Airbnb vs Long Term Lets… Here’s How To Choose!

Owning rental property has always been a popular way to create an alternative income stream.
Let’s face it, no-one wants to have all their eggs in one basket, totally reliant on what they earn from their day job!


How To Be In Your Dream Home By Christmas!

The media will have you believe that nobody is moving house; that you can’t get a mortgage and that the housing market is stuck.
When actually – as a qualified financial adviser who deals with mortgages day in, day out – I can tell you nothing is further from the truth.


Your Business. It’s NOT All About You, You Know…

“The world doesn’t revolve around you, you know… ”
I bet a parent or grown up said that to you at some point, when you were a kid!
And I hate to say it, but they were right.