Do Your Prices End In £7 or £9? Why It’s NOT The Best Idea!

Have you ever wondered about all those prices that you see ending in 99p or £7?
And WHY we all do it?
Well – I don’t know anymore. I’ve had enough. And I’m taking a stand!


The BIG Questions To Ask Your Accountant!

Accountants have a wealth of knowledge and can be a hugely valuable part of your team, as the financial expert (or one of them ) within your business to help you actually make sense of your numbers.
But what if you don’t really understand what you’re meant to be asking them at all?


Do You Know Your Profit? The Numbers You Should REALLY Be Tracking!

If you spend any time on social media, you’ll see business owners talking about how much money they’re making. But what figure are they actually talking about? And are they talking about it in pounds or dollars? Because that can make a massive difference.


Money Habits…Because Your Plans & Dreams WON’T Happen On Their Own!

So today we’re talking financial habits. Because you don’t need a special date or a new year’s resolution to make a change. You can decide TODAY to do something different that will make your world better, help you feel confident in your finances and in control when you think about your money.


The 6-Figure Myth! And why it NEVER feels enough…

There’s a big difference between being a money-making woman and a wealthy woman.


Win The Lottery & Live Off The Interest? Not Any More (+ What It Means For YOUR Savings!)

When I was a kid, my mum always said that if she won the lottery, she’d put the £1million in the bank and live off the interest.


A Simple Guide To Assets…How To Build Lasting Wealth, Starting NOW!

In today’s blog, we’re going to make it all crystal clear! You’ll discover:

1. What an asset actually is;
2. Examples of common assets;
3. How to choose the right assets for you;
4. And how to calculate your net worth (and why).


Who Should You Trust With Your Money? Getting Started With Investing!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had years of people telling you that the ‘state pension won’t be worth anything by the time I get it’.

And you may well have ended up with a distrust of corporations, thanks to your parent’s horror stories about endowments and pension schemes that didn’t perform as promised.

This is the REAL problem.


The FIRE movement. Save now; retire at 40…or is there a better way?

In today’s blog, we’re exploring all the pros and cons so you can decide if you want to join this ever-growing FIRE movement. Or if there’s another way that would be a better fit for your life!

June Blog 1 - Image

How much money does your business REALLY need to be making?

I know it can feel hard to get on top of this stuff. So in today’s blog, I’m going to explain the #3 simple steps to work out how much you need (and want) to draw from your business – AND how much your business needs to bring in each month, for that to happen!


Here’s The Crucial Numbers You REALLY Want To Be Tracking!

Having a visual reminder can be a brilliant way of knowing you’re making progress. It’s why you see those barometers on the side of church halls, when they’re raising money for a new roof. And every so often a guy goes up the ladder and colours the next bit in.


The Truth About Making MORE Money!

The truth is it’s NOT about how much money you’re making…but how much you get to keep. So in today’s blog, we’re going to start making sure you’re looking at YOUR finances in the right way!


How to retire early…and AVOID clever pension scams!

When you’re brilliant at what you do and you love doing it, the traditional way of retiring just doesn’t hold the same appeal. I bet you can’t imagine yourself sitting in front of the TV, drawing a pension for the rest of your life? Me either!

And the great news is you don’t HAVE to.


A Quick Guide to Bitcoin!

If you feel like you don’t know enough to make an informed decision, about whether bitcoin is right for you…this week’s blog is REALLY going to help!


#3 Steps to Bring Your Dream Into Reality!

Today, I want to chat about 3 simple steps you can use to bring whatever you want within reach!


The Simplest Way to Grow Your Net Worth!

There’s a well-known saying that ‘what you focus on will increase’.
And it’s never more true, than when it comes to money.
But it’s also really easy to focus on the wrong things!
So which numbers SHOULD you focus on? What should you actually be looking for?


Sorting out your finances? Just take one small step…

What if you’d started 10 years ago?
There’s that saying: “The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago. The second best time is now”.
I mean, do you want to look back 10 years from now, and wonder where all the money went?


Feel like you’re faking it? Here’s what to do instead!

If the whole financial thing feels totally overwhelming – and you just don’t know what to start – you’re NOT alone.


Why New Year’s resolutions fail (and what to do instead)

I think more often than not, we’re doomed to fail. Because there’s all that hype about doing something new, doing something special, that this will be the year you actually achieve something.
But it just doesn’t work, does it?!
In so many ways, you are SO much better just to pick what you want to do and get on with it, when the time is right for you.


Don’t just make money. Keep it (and grow it!)

Once you are making money, it’s about having a plan to create assets and growth – tangible things to show for all your hard work.
And it’s about using that money to do all the things you want to do, and to feel the way you want to feel.