Things I Love - which I'd LOVE to share with you

This page contains my affiliate links which means I am likely to receive something if you buy using them - this doesn't cost you anything extra but provides me with an additional income stream!  But I only recommend things that I use and love (and would share with you anyway).

Feel free to send me a message if you'd like to chat about any of the things featured, to ask to be added to my recommended products / suppliers or to receive a demonstration / walkthrough from a member of my team.

Craft Gin Club

I am known as the alpaca-owning, gin loving financial adviser so of course I love getting my Craft Gin Club box every month. They keep me in gin, a different, amazing one every month, with the added bonuses of coordinated tonics and snacks! If you use my link you’ll get £20 off your first two boxes!


If you’ve bought any of my courses or products – you’ve been through Thrivecart! This shopping cart talks you through funnels, bumps and upsells in an easy to follow way, is so customisable and integrates really well with my other systems! It's a one-off fee to purchase - and I've got a great BONUS to offer you if you use my link (worth £300).

Check My File

Check My file is the ONLY credit reference service that brings together data from Experian, Equifax, Call Credit and Transunion in ONE place!

Why does this matter? Different lenders use different data, and keeping on top of it can help you to spot fraud AND take advantage of preferential borrowing rates

Capital on Tap Cashback Credit Card

Pay for all your business expenses on a card that doesn't charge extra for Dollars, Euros or other foreign transactions PLUS gives 1% uncapped cashback on ALL your transactions!

You can have additional cardholders for your staff and can take the rewards as cash / vouchers for Amazon, Argos, Airbnb, M&S and many more... use this link to get £75 sign up bonus


Teachable is a really easy to use platform that I use to build and host all my courses, and it’s great for my students too! You can see any courses you’ve signed up for all in one place – no more trying to remember passwords or scrolling through multitudes of bookmarks!


You may have seen a quirky pop up on this website, offering your one of my freebies or paid programmes (often at a discounted rate).

They're powered by Convertbox - a cool tool from the same people as Thrivecart and I LOVE how easy it is to use

Grab yours here and get a £150 Alpaca pounds voucher as a thank you from me


Have you received an email from me? Chances are it came from Mailerlite! Whether you’re looking at growing your email list, setting up automations, building a landing page or just sending out a monthly newsletter Mailerlite is a great option that integrates well with your other tech.


Social media can easily take up all your time so I really rely on Smarterqueue, it allows me to create and schedule content ahead of time for all my social media platforms. Plus you can recycle posts so you know you always have something going out! Use my link for a 30 day extended free trial!


Acuity is a really flexible way of managing my calendar. I have it integrated with my website so clients can book in directly or I can send over booking links with the appointment they need.

You can tell it that you’d like a break between appointments or that you’ll be unavailable during certain times – great for making sure you get five minutes to pop to the loo or can do the school run!


I’m always surprised at what Canva can do, I use it for loads of my social media graphics and you can use it to create all sorts – have a look at my Instagram link in bio section – made in Canva! I talk about different types of passive income with my clients – have you considered creating a digital product and selling it? Canva could even help you do that.

Absolute Collagen

This is one of the few supplements that I take regularly and it's done wonders for my skin and hair.

The UK's most concentrated daily dose - a mighty 8000mg - the most your body can absorb at any one time.

Ready-mixed to drink directly from the sachet - which can be sent back to recycle

If you want to give it a try this link gives you £10 off your first order.

Online Business Strategist

Lizzie Goddard is breaking all the rules! She has so much valuable information to share and she does it in such a fun way. Want to know about creating your own $9 offer? I’d recommend Small but mighty $9 Offers. I’ve also been part of her Monthly Market and Christmas Party and she has courses on loads of things that I know you’ll love for your online business.


HelloFresh is a meal box subscription service, you can select how many people you're feeding and how many meals you'd like a week, and you can skip weeks if you're going to be away. We love to use them to spice up our eating habits a bit!

Use this link to get 60% off AND free shipping!


Do you ever send a voice message to avoid having to type out a long message? Loom is like that – but for your computer screen! The options are endless but for me Loom is a great way to be able talk through graphs and presentations with clients or show my team exactly how something works when doing training – great for those of us remote working!


For the times that my systems don’t integrate with each other I use Zapier, I’ve not come across anything it can’t do yet!

They have a great free option but I use the Starter plan for up to 750 tasks a month which allows me to automate parts of my business, freeing up my time to spend with clients.

Trusted Housesitters

When you've got alpacas, booking a holiday takes a little bit more organising than if you've got a dog or cat to take to a kennels.

We have now had 6 different sets of housesitters and met some amazing people who have taken lovely care of our pets - and it's much less stressful for smaller pets too.

Use this link to get 25% discount

Viral Marketing Stars

Sometimes you know you just need to post something on social media or you have something in mind that you just can’t translate onto your computer screen.

I love Viral Marketing Stars templates for times like that – whether you need inspiration or help with design I always find something perfect with these templates.


Like most people I struggle to drink to drink enough water which is why I really recommend Waterdrop. Not only are their bottles pretty and come with changeable covers – I have a green leafy one - but they offer a whole range of drops to flavour your water (and do you good too!) and encourage you to drink more. If you use my link you’ll get £5 off your first order!