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HelloFresh is a meal box subscription service, you can select how many people you're feeding and how many meals you'd like a week, and you can skip weeks if you're going to be away. We love to use them to spice up our eating habits a bit! Use this link to get 60% off AND free shipping! 😆🌟🎊🎉

We’ve all got that picture of our dream life – that vision of where it is we want to be, and how we’d love for our life to look. Maybe (like me) you’ve got a vision board above your desk, filled with pictures of the things you’re working to create. So what are the main things we need to consider, so that we can work out what needs to happen next, on the journey to getting to where you REALLY want to be? If you're thinking about how to best track your progress and feel good about those milestones read my blog below 👇

Financial organization. I know it may seem like a hassle, but trust me, it's the key to achieving financial freedom! Taking the time to organize your finances sets you up for success and gives you the power to make informed choices. It's not about limiting your freedom, but about gaining control and creating opportunities for yourself. Let's be honest, we all have dreams and goals that require financial stability - whether it's buying your dream home, going on an unforgettable vacation, or starting your own business. And guess what? Organizing your finances can help you get there faster! Think of it as building a solid foundation for your future. It helps you understand your income, expenses, and savings, so you can make wiser decisions and prioritize what truly matters to you. By budgeting and tracking your spending, you can find areas where you can save a little each month. Trust me, those small savings can add up over time, giving you more freedom to do the things you love! And remember, it's about finding a healthy balance between enjoying the present and pursuing your long-term aspirations. You'll be amazed at the peace of mind that comes with knowing where your money is going and the confidence that comes with being in control. Remember, financial freedom is within reach for all of us. Let's support and inspire each other on this journey to building a brighter and more prosperous future! Take care, stay positive, and keep pursuing your dreams! You've got this!

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This is why I am passionate about what I do- financial education is something that in previous generations wasn’t taught and it seems like it is still something that is only very slowly being introduced in our kids’ schools. Let’s be negative cycle breakers by getting the right advice on how to manage our finances now so our kids don’t have to struggle in the future.

Profit First - Should you really pay yourself first?? The short answer - no! Find out more in today's video over on my Youtube, don't forget to subscribe while you're there! >>>>

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Your WILL is NOT still valid when you get married... unless you've had it prepared with your marriage in mind... which can mean that you end up with your estate not being distributed as you'd want. This guide tells you all you need to know, to make sure that your kids from your first marriage still get what you'd want them to, and that the IHT planning that you've done is held in place after you are gone. Read more in my free pdf guide here >>

Teachable is a really easy-to-use platform that I use to build and host all my courses, and it’s great for my students too! You can see any courses you’ve signed up for all in one place – no more trying to remember passwords or scrolling through multitudes of bookmarks! It's a fantastic platform for creators who want to build more impactful businesses through courses, coaching, and digital downloads. ✍️💻📄

Who doesn't love a bit of Sudoku over a cup of coffee right?! 😊🤓😄

Have you Read Profit First? Did you DO anything with it? Maybe not - as many people find it a bit overwhelming, which means it sits in the pile of things to do. I wanted to change this and so I've created a guide to simplify it for you - and you can grab yours here! Check out my updated guide to this powerful business book 🤓📖🤓

Today I want to chat about how to stop spending getting out of control, because birthdays are – of course – a time for presents. The trouble is that now you’re earning so much more than you were, it’s easy to end up spending so much more money on ‘stuff’. And then you get to the end of the month or year and wonder where it’s all gone, with nothing much to really show for all your hard work. The truth is that budgeting actually gives you MORE freedom, rather than less – because you’re managing your finances in a way that means the money is there to do and have MORE of what you truly want in life, rather than just spending it randomly. For more info check out my Blog here 👇👇 -OR drop me a DM on how I could help you structure your budgeting and come up with effective strategies to achieve your financial goals.

Attention business owners! Are you tired of your business draining your hard-earned cash? Look no further - Profit First is the ULTIMATE book that will transform your venture into a money-making powerhouse. However, we understand that tackling complex concepts might seem a bit daunting. But fear not, we've got you covered! We've created a phenomenal FREE guide that simplifies Profit First and shows you exactly how to put its teachings into action. Say goodbye to confusion! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to revolutionize your business. Download our exclusive guide straight to your inbox and embark on an exciting journey towards financial success! Get your hands on the updated guide to this powerful business book now: link in comments

Sometimes you know you just need to post something on social media or you have something in mind that you just can’t translate onto your computer screen. I love Viral Marketing Stars templates for times like that – whether you need inspiration or help with design I always find something perfect with these templates. 🌟🌟🌟

AirBnB seems to be all the rage right now - but is it as good as you think as a way to make money? Or would you be better with a single family Buy-To-Let? Find out in our latest blog.

A recent survey asked people how they’re going to live their dream life. So many people gave the old “lottery ticket” answer – but the same survey found that of everyone who gave that as their answer, 52% did NOT regularly play the lottery. I mean really…how can you win the lottery, if you don’t even buy a ticket?! The whole “got to be in it, to win it” thing really is true. And being “in it” in our businesses means getting a really, REALLY clear picture of what you actually want. Read how to get there here >>

It's not just you! We all get overwhelmed by life admin, working on our mindset is really important so we don’t end up in burnout. - Keep ‘to-do’ lists small – start with small steps. - Think about how you will feel when the task is completed! - Be kinder to yourself – it will reduce stress which makes you likely to see tasks as threats rather than challenges.

There are LOTS of reasons that you need a Will - plus a few that mean you might NOT need one. This guide tells you all you need to know, to make the best choices for you, your business and your family - whether you're just getting married / divorced or expecting a baby or just want to minimise your tax and tidy up your loose ends. Find out more in my free pdf guide here >>

Have you received an email from me? Chances are it came from Mailerlite! Whether you’re looking at growing your email list, setting up automations, building a landing page or just sending out a monthly newsletter Mailerlite is a great option that integrates well with your other tech. 📨😅🙌

A lot of people talk about the book Profit First because it is seen as a way to make sure you always get paid in your business. In this video I help you make Profit First work for your business, without getting overcomplicated!

There are TWO main ways to work with me right now

The Wealth Action Club

An accountability-based membership, with no long tie-in.

Join us for a combination of bite-sized training, small group Q&A and a place to ask your everyday money questions where you KNOW you'll get easy to follow, sensible strategies from an EXPERT that you trust.


The Asset Accelerator®️

A 9 month 1-2-1 experience combining Strategy and planning plus ongoing support and accountability to take action and move towards your goals.

Designed for people who prefer a little more hand-holding and love 1-2-1 work


LANZAROTE Ultimate Wealth Retreat

A Wealth Retreat for Fun-loving Female Entrepreneurs