The Wealth Action Club

THE place to find all the tools, strategies, support and ACCOUNTABILITY you need to consistently taking ACTION on those financial tasks that you’ve been putting off for far too long.

Hosted by Award-Winning Financial Adviser and Money Coach, Claire Sweet.

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We ALL have money stuff to sort out…

Which is where the Wealth Action Club comes in. It’s a place to get answers to  those everyday financial questions and support you on your Financial Confidence Journey TM

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Organise your Finances

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Build Lasting Wealth

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Create a Safety Net

Dealing with your finances can feel overwhelming and scary

So I’m here to hold your hand and help you make sense of your money, so that you can make the best possible financial decisions and live a life where you’re Balancing Today’s Needs with Tomorrow’s Dreams…


There’s so much information available online, but much of it is inaccurate, out of date, or written as someone’s opinion with no solid or strategic backing.


As an FCA regulated Financial Adviser, I have to do CPD each year to keep my knowledge up to date, so although this membership does NOT provide financial advice, you can be sure that the strategies and guidance we’re using are cutting-edge.


Knowing what to do and how is great – but are you actually going to carve out time in your diary to do it? Our twice-monthly Q&A sessions and friendly Facebook group are designed to support you to take ACTION.

What Type of things can you help me with?

The contents of the membership are fluid to meet the needs of the people inside, but you can expect that training materials on key financial topics will be provided. Key things that will help you to have more money to spend each month and show you how to create lasting wealth from the money you already make.

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Organising your


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Planning for


Boosting your


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How to use


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About Claire Sweet

Claire Sweet is an award-winning Financial Adviser and Money Coach, and International Best Selling Author, who has a thriving business and is regularly asked to speak on BBC Radio Kent as an expert in her field. In 2023 she was named Financial Adviser of the Year in the Financial Reporter Women's Recognition Awards.

She is the creator of the ROCK Solid® system and the best-selling author of ‘Have life YOUR Way – living your wealthy life forever without the money running out!’

She has a vibrant business, employing 3 staff and has been helping clients organise their finances for more than 15 years.

Now living in their 'forever home' on a 4.5 acre plot, Claire and her husband Phil, love spending their time outside with their small herd of 8 alpacas.


What Members Say...

If you’re new to my world, you might like to hear a bit more from some of the founder members of the Wealth Action Club and those who have worked with me over the last few years.


Join the Wealth Action Club


a friendly wealth building community where you feel supported to take action and can celebrate your successes


get the answers to your questions in our twice weekly LIVE support sessions or in our friendly and vibrant Facebook Group, so that you NEVER get stuck moving forward with YOUR next step

Bonus 'pop up' training

Sessions run LIVE by my AMAZING personal accountant and a BRILLIANT money mindset coach are available, plus other tools and resources to help you with your wealth journey

Your questions answered…

Q . Do I need to be in the UK to work with you?

A. No, I work with money coaching clients worldwide and the concepts we cover are relevant wherever you are in the world. Some of our founder members are based in France!

Q. What time are the Q&A calls?

A. The calls happen on a Monday between 12-pm UK time and Wednesdays 4-5.30pm on three weeks each month (followed by an implementation week) - all dates are available on our online calendar

Q. Do I need to have worked with you before?

A. No! Some of the founder members are brand new to my world, some have been following me on social media for a while, and others are people who have worked with me 1-2-1 before and are now looking for ongoing accountability to take action on their wealth plans. As long as you’re keen to take ACTION you’ll fit in perfectly.

Q. I’m not a business owner is this still suitable for me?

A. Yes – Although I mainly work with business owners, some of my clients are happily in employed jobs, and others are wanting to move from one to the other. The Wealth Action Club will support you to take ACTION on those things that have sat on your financial to do list for far too long – for most people these are personal finance tasks. The membership is focused on support and accountability – the training materials are more of a ‘useful bonus’ and not meant to be a complete financial training programme.

Q. What if I HAVE no idea which financial tasks to complete.

A. There is a list of suggested tasks provided, which acts as a memory jogger for most people – but if planning for RETIREMENT is your MAIN goal and you would like to create a bespoke Wealth Plan and work in a more structured way then you might want to consider UPGRADING to PATHWAY  my 1-2-1 / group hybrid experience