Best year in business? #7 smart things to do with your profits!

Congratulations! It’s been an amazing year for you, hasn’t it?!
You’ve had your best months ever in your business.
Your income is growing year on year, month on month and this last year has just been incredible.
BUT now you really need to get this cash organised! Because you can’t go into your next financial year with this money sitting there in your business, doing nothing.
So how do you strike the balance between what you take out as salary and dividends – and what you leave in your business account?


If you DON’T want to budget…do this instead!

Not a fan of budgeting?!
Confession time…I don’t do a budget planner anymore.
What I DO have is a system that means I can spend money, without needing to worry.


Want financial success? DON’T listen to Karen!

There’s been a lot of stuff online recently about internet Karens – basically those people who seem REALLY opinionated about something, but usually have no basis at all in what they’re saying.
And the advice being doled out so freely is clearly coming from a person with NO clue about what they’re actually saying.


Cash sitting in your business account? Here’s #5 things to do with it!

Maybe you’re a couple of years into your business and getting to that stage where you’re not spending every single penny you earn or having to borrow from friends and family.
Which is brilliant. But presents a different challenge!


Work; life; money and guilt…

Ever feel guilty for not working? Or about the way you choose to live your life or run your business? Over the last 12 months, I’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve commented on the fact that we don’t work on Fridays. Our office is only open Monday to Thursday. Half-joking comments like …

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Let’s talk spending money. How do you want to FEEL?

What do you enjoy spending money on? What would you love to spend MORE money on? Some things make you feel special. And for me, those are the things that are worth spending that little bit extra on.   I remember the first time I came across premium skincare products. I was staying with my …

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How to escape your corporate job (without sacrificing your lifestyle!)

A few weeks ago, my husband was asked to help his niece move up to Scotland. She lives near us, in Kent. Which is about as far from Scotland as you can get! And like most things, it seemed like a good idea at the time… A road trip for him and his sister. A …

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Is money self-sabotage holding you back?

We all have a money story. It’s the little voice in your head, that tells you what you think about money and wealth. Often, we’re not aware of it. It’s formed from things we’ve heard, read or been told about money – and by the way our parents acted, when we were small. Our money …

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When is a bargain NOT a bargain?

We all love getting a bargain! Even when you’re making good money, feeling like you’re getting a good deal can give you a massive emotional boost (money is a very emotional thing). But here’s the thing…sometimes, a bargain is really NOT a bargain! No-one pays £3+ for Pringles. They’re not really ‘half price’ – it’s …

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How to talk to your kids about money (the RIGHT way!)

Right now, there’s pretty much NO financial education in schools (and although there are campaigns to try and change this, it’s not likely to happen overnight). So if you want your children to have a good experience with money… It’s going to be up to YOU to teach them. But how? Where to start? Especially …

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Building your first £Million: Beginners Guide to Investing!

Who else wishes you’d invested in Zoom shares, before the Covid19 lockdown hit?!
And imagine if you’d got in when everyone thought Facebook was just a fad. You’d be drinking margaritas from your Caribbean beach house right now.
After all, David Choe chose to take shares instead of cash for painting the walls of Facebook’s first office in 2005. Now those shares are worth $200 million.


Want more money? Why it takes MORE than just mindset!

Let’s be honest. We all want more money in our lives!
Not for the actual cash itself – but for the opportunities and freedom that having money brings.
There’s no rule that says you can’t make great money AND help people.
When you have more, you can do more. You can invest in yourself and your business, make more impact and help more people.


Can you afford to have a baby? The hidden cost!

You’re going to need to take some time off. And let’s be honest – it’d be nice to actually spend some time with your little one (or you’d have got a cat instead).
There’s NO maternity leave for business owners.


Worried about money? How to feel calm, in times of business turmoil!

Many of us have pivoted, started working in new ways, introduced new services – or taken your business in a completely different direction – just to make it through the last few months.
So I’m coming at this now from a slightly different angle…what’s helped people keep calm about their money in this time of turmoil.


Your vision board… #4 steps to find the money, to make it happen!

HOW to find the money, to build your dream!


What kind of Buy to Let mortgage can I get right now?

After placing hundreds of mortgages for UK business owners, over the last 12 years – in this week’s blog, I’ll share everything you need to know!


Coronavirus. Money. And the people NO-ONE is talking about…

Most conversations right now are about who’s entitled to what, in the coronavirus government bailout. But there are people who remain hidden and unmentioned. Unless you’re one of them…


3 Ways to Improve your Financial Wellbeing (that don’t cost any money)

When you can’t face more Netflix and you’ve decluttered every cupboard in the house…how about spending some time, to truly feel on top of your finances?


The ISA Deadline’s Coming… How to Make Your Money Work Harder!

Are you using your ISA allowance? Most people don’t. Which really IS missing a trick!


5 Tips to Get a Mortgage as a Business Owner!

Getting a mortgage when you’re a business owner is really hard. Right? Well – no!