How Your Business Can Pay For Your Holiday!

Ok… so I don’t strictly mean ‘holiday’ here!
But if I said that you could come and spend 4 days in the sunshine, in a beautiful villa with a pool, enjoying amazing food and drink, spending time with other incredible women and having a laugh…
That sounds like a bit of a holiday, doesn’t it?


Pricing For Profit… How To KNOW How Much You Should Be Charging!

How do you know how much to charge for your products or services… so you have a profitable business, with enough margin that the money is there for you to get paid?


Try THIS Inspired Brainwave… To Make Your Big Goals Actually Happen!

You know when you have one of those brainwaves – and you have no idea WHY you didn’t think of it before?!
It’s exactly how I feel about something I implemented into the lives of my 1:1 clients, earlier this year.
It seems so obvious now but felt incredibly radical at the time (and if you’re anything like my clients, I think you’ll love it too!).
Let me explain…


Bought Online Courses You’ve Never Finished? Try This Instead!

There are always things that we think are a good idea at the time. We buy them, full of good intentions, but then for whatever reason we never actually get around to doing it.


Money Mindset… Getting The Expert Help You NEED!

When it comes to finance and money coaching, there are lots of different ways that you can approach it. From my point of view – although I would describe myself as a Money Coach or Wealth Mentor or Wealth Strategist – the bulk of the work that I do is simply working out what you want; working out where you are now; working out HOW to get you there in the future by breaking it down into logical steps; and then supporting you to take action on that.


{Money 101} #5 Simple Ways To Fix Your Money Stuff… Fast!

Today is all about Money 101. We’re looking at #5 key things for your business and personal finances, that are simple and quick to do… but make a MASSIVE difference.


Micro Milestones… The Secret To Getting To Where You REALLY Want To Be!

We’ve all got that picture of our dream life – that vision of where it is we want to be, and how we’d love for our life to look. Maybe (like me) you’ve got a vision board above your desk, filled with pictures of the things you’re working to create.

But I’m 100% certain that the things that you want, will be different to the things that I want.


Spending A Small Fortune On Presents?! Try THIS Instead!

Today I want to chat about how to stop spending getting out of control, because birthdays are – of course – a time for presents. The trouble is that now you’re earning so much more than you were, it’s easy to end up spending so much more money on ‘stuff’. And then you get to the end of the month or year and wonder where it’s all gone, with nothing much to really show for all your hard work.


How To Make Your ‘Impossible’ Big Dreams YOUR Reality!

Ultimately, we’ve each got a dream and a picture in our head of where we want to get to. But what happens when you get there? When the dream starts to become your reality? How do you decide what happens next?


How Changing Your Financial Year End Can Save You Thousands!

There comes a time in a business owner’s journey where you decide to make the move from being a sole trader, to being a limited company.


How Acting NOW Can Save You £21k In April!

I’m sure you don’t want to pay any more tax than you absolutely have to (me either) – so today, we’re talking about what you can do right NOW, to potentially save yourself a whole chunk of cash!


The Other Side Of Social Media (+ What It Means For Your Money!)

I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures of our beautiful house in Kent, with almost 5 acres of land and our alpacas in the garden (a dream come true for me, watching them from my office window as I write!).
But have you ever noticed something about the pictures themselves?


Dread Tax Return Time? Try This Instead!

It’s January, we’re back to work and it’s that dreaded time for so many business owners…
Tax return time!


Getting Organised NOW, To Make The Money You Want In 2023!

I do want to chat today about planning in advance and getting things organised, to avoid the panic and stress that kicks in when you suddenly realise that you’ve got an impending deadline. Especially when it comes to your business and making the money you REALLY want next year!


Permission To ENJOY Your Wealth This Christmas!

Is this Christmas turning out how you hoped it would be? Have you got the money to buy the things that you thought about last year when you had that vision of your business and your wealth increasing – the luxury concept of being able to buy ‘nice’ things for your friends and family, or spending more on food and luxuries over the holidays?


Get Ready…How To Recession-Proof Your Business!

But the truth is that a recession may or may not happen. And ultimately, as a business owner, you are in a unique position to decide whether or not to participate in a recession, by recession-proofing your business. Making sure that YOU are spotting the opportunities that ARE there and tweaking your business where you need to, so you’re offering what people want, at a price they are prepared to pay.


How To Get Mortgage Ready (+ Never Miss Out On Your Dream Home!)

So how do you make sure you’ve got all your financial ducks in a row, so the dream house doesn’t slip through your fingers? What do you need to get sorted? And at what point should you start?


Inheritance Tax. How To Prevent Your Loved Ones Getting A MASSIVE Bill!

Let’s talk about Inheritance Tax…the ticking time bomb, caused by your own success!


How To Get Paid From Your Business, Every Single Month (Whatever Your Sales!)

In business, it’s easy to see that your turnover goes up and down. You make more sales one month than the next – especially if your business includes online launches every couple of months or each quarter. And so lots of people think “well, I can’t earn the same amount of money each month, because the income in my business doesn’t look the same each month”.


The end of the year…still not sorted out your money stuff? Try this!

The problem is that when it comes to your financial stuff, not getting it done does come at a cost, because you don’t feel relaxed about money. You’ve always got that little niggly stress in the back of your mind, that you really should get around to sorting out your Will or pension or life insurance or ISA (or whatever else is on your mental must-get-it-done list).