How To Make Your ‘Impossible’ Big Dreams YOUR Reality!

As I sit here in my dream home, with alpacas in the garden and my bespoke office with huge glass windows and a view of paradise, it’s easy to think that I have it all.

This was my dream for so long. It’s easy to think I’ve done it; I’ve made it; it’s all finished.

But it’s not really true, is it?

Ultimately, we’ve each got a dream and a picture in our head of where we want to get to. But what happens when you get there? When does the dream start to become your reality? How do you decide what happens next?

As your business grows and you start to make more money, you start to tick all the things you wanted off your list. You buy the shoes, go on the holidays, upgrade your car, renovate the kitchen, build the extension (or whatever is it for you).

But you get to that stage where you’ve got the things you wanted, there’s still money flowing into your account and you’re not quite sure what to do with it…

And so you do nothing. You carry on with the day job. You do your everyday things, but you’re not taking active steps to GROW your wealth.

This is something that I help my clients with.

As part of the 1:1 work we do together in the Asset Accelerator™, we create a plan so you know what you’re doing with your money and feel completely supported to take action along the way to make it happen.

It’s a very dynamic process. We do it in a way that means your plan can evolve as you start ticking things off because you evolve, your dreams and your goals evolve, and so it’s never a once-and-done thing. 

The important thing here is once you’ve buttoned down where you are now and what you’ve achieved in your life and business for far – what’s next for you? What’s most important? Most meaningful? What’s going in YOUR plan?

For some people, the next step means looking at the bigger things, like legacies for their children and what they leave behind.

It might be setting up a charity or a foundation, that enables them to support people in the world with a cause they’re passionate about.

For others, it might be about expanding the way that their income comes into their lives – maybe looking at a property portfolio or a completely different business or a new stream of income, to diversify things further and create a new challenge.

What’s next for you will, of course, be different for each of us. But whichever way you want to go, what’s clear is that you need to have a clear picture in your head AND you need to have a plan.

And then it’s about breaking it down into manageable steps!

This is where mapping it out visually can be a brilliant tool. I tend to use big spider diagrams with my clients (which might be a bit 1990s, but it works!). Because then it’s easy to see where you’re starting from; where you want to end up; what the component parts are along the way, and you can just tick them off as you go.

It’s a lot less overwhelming and a lot less boring than just having a normal to-do list!

So it’s time to think about what YOU might want to happen next.

What’s the thing that you would have or do, if money really was no object? Almost like a quantum vision; a vision bigger than you are?

Let’s say, for example, that you dreamed of your house in the country. You love being there and living that lifestyle, and you’re so grateful for it. But what’s the next step when you’ve got that? Do you want a London penthouse? Do you want a beach house in California?

What’s the thing that you really, really want to have or do? And then is there a way that you could get that?

I’m not talking about the Law of Attraction thing here (although I do fully believe in the power of focusing your energy and attention on the things you desire) – but I mean actually creating a plan, to see if it’s viable?

So if you do want that California beach house, how much money will you need?

Are you going to pay for it in cash? If so, where is that cash going to come from exactly?

Or will you borrow the money, so need a deposit and then a mortgage?

If you’ll want a mortgage, what does your income need to look like to get that mortgage?

Are there any restrictions on buying property abroad if you’re not a native of that country? What’s the actual process? How does it work, practically speaking?

Each of the things you need to consider and research then become little points on your plan, that move you towards where you want to get to.

So rather than looking at this big thing as something you couldn’t possibly do or feeling like it’s an impossible dream – how about asking instead “well, what would I need to do, to make this happen?”

And then it’s about taking ACTION on it, step by little step!

Having a plan is great, but ultimately if you don’t take action, then nothing happens.

This is why we have monthly sessions in the Asset Accelerator™, so that you can hold the space to take action on your plan. It’s about building regular time into your busy life to look at your numbers and actively take small step after small step, towards your big goals and vision for your life.

I can’t stress the massive difference this alone makes. If you’ve ever felt so excited about your goals or plans – but then life gets full on and they gradually fall by the wayside – this is your solution. It’s SO much harder to consistently move forward by yourself, even with the very best of intentions at the start!

It means that by the time your 12 months inside the Asset Accelerator™ ends, you’re used to taking that dedicated time to look at your numbers and work on your plan. You’ve built that habit and locked it in.

You’ve made massive progress already and you can continue independently – with support as needed – but without feeling tied to a program that you need to stay in forever, to keep seeing real results and the outcomes you want in your life.

Ultimately, it just massively increases your chances of success and bringing your goals and dreams to life, compared to going it alone!

If you’d like to find out more, here’s the link to all the Asset Accelerator™ details. If you’d like to talk it through or make 100% sure it’s right for you, you can message me personally here on Facebook (or through the ‘contact’ page here on the website).

Here’s to the next evolution of your dream life, whatever it may hold!

Until next time,


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