Woo-hoo!!! I’m so excited that NOW is the time for you to start turning that money you’re making into lasting wealth for you and your family.

Earning money is great, and you get excited as your business makes even more money this year than last year, but building LASTING wealth is the thing that you really want!

You’ve got to the stage where your business is nicely established and you’re now making more money each month than you could have imagined a few years back and yet you don’t feel as wealthy as you thought you would, do you?

Somehow, earning at this level hasn’t provided the security you imagined, which means you’re spending far more time working than you ever planned to … because it STILL doesn’t feel like you’re making enough money.

You miss out on time spent with your husband and kids.

You’re working in the evenings, when you’d rather be watching tv and relaxing, or going out with your friends.

I'm here to tell you it doesn't need to be this way...




The PERFECT balance of 1-2-1 planning and strategy with a qualified EXPERT plus ongoing support and accountability in a community for entrepreneurs who want to get their finances in order and take ACTION to move towards their goals.

A combination of group and individual sessions spaced over 9 months, plus access to tailored training resources that will allow you to hold the space to get the tasks done that you need to, and move confidently in your journey to growing your assets.

Why The Asset Accelerator?

I’ve helped hundreds of 1-2-1 clients get their money sorted, buy their dream homes and plan their future over the last 15 years in my role as an FCA- regulated Financial Adviser. I've seen time, and time again that some people work best when they have some sort of ongoing support and accountability, and someone that can be in their corner as the little hurdles to success appear.

Many people have an EPIC plan of what their dream life will look like - but without someone to help them hold the space to take ACTION, life gets in the way and they don't feel like they are moving forward as quickly as they could be.

That's why I set up The Asset Accelerator -  this fun and supportive community environment which balances strategy and accountability with the need for privacy and individual attention.

So that you can finally complete those financial tasks that make your personal and business money flow where you need it at the right time, and create financial peace of mind.

A programme tailored to your needs so that you feel EMPOWERED and SUPPORTED and you never feel stuck, unable to move forward, because you have an unanswered questions.

What you should know about me

As a qualified financial adviser, award-winning money coach and best-selling author who is trusted to look after more than £6.1 million client assets, I will guide you in...

  • using different investment strategies to grow your money
  • creating lasting wealth using the tax-efficient products
  • freeing up more disposable income from the money you’re already making by looking at HOW you take money from your business and when (and by making sure you pay no more tax than you need to)
  • Improving your quality of life and having more fun with your money


I’ll be that person you can TRUST to answer the questions about managing your money that you just can't find your OWN answer to (no matter how long you spend on google).

Questions like:

  • How do you manage more money as your business continues to grow?
  • What do you do with the surplus in your bank accounts?
  • How much to leave just sitting there in reserve, is it safe doing nothing?
  • How to get your accountant and financial adviser on the same page with multiple accounts and the way you now organise your finances?

And other things that as we speak, you haven’t yet realised that you don’t know…..

...but might end up being CRUCIAL to you creating the peace of mind around finances that you're looking for.

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Creating my OWN wealth plan and getting my money systems in place meant that I could buy my dream home 5 years ago, and now have a bespoke office facility overlooking my 8 alpacas grazing in the garden.

And now I want to help you create YOUR dream


...EVEN if your dream doesn't involve alpacas!!

Maybe you want to retire at 50 years old, KNOWING that you've enough money to live a comfortable life, doing things that make you smile with those you love whenever you want.

Maybe you want to fund your children's university costs, or help them with a deposit for their first home (so that they can have an easier step onto the property ladder than their peers)

Maybe you want to repay your mortgage early, rent out your house and travel the world drinking cocktails and meeting new people every day.

WHATEVER your dream looks like - YOU can make it happen - with the RIGHT support...

So let me tell you how it works - 

The Asset Accelerator® Includes:

  • An Upfront 1-2-1 Strategy/ Planning Session, so that you get your foundations in place and know what to tackle first (Worth £400)
  • A Monthly Asset Growth Check in & Implementation Session - your opportunity to work in privacy on that regular check in on your targets and benchmarks plus those money tasks that you know you need to do, but keep putting off. A dedicated space in an online call for you to take action, and celebrate your growth towards your goals.
  • A private zoom session with me every 3 months to discuss progress, get bespoke training and support and to get goals for the next quarter
  • Access to my OWN Accountant, Mindset coach and other dedicated Programme Specialists
  • TWO monthly Q&A sessions - they are jump in-jump out sessions for you to ask a question that is related to your finances, next steps of your plan or ask for support on a money topic - held in a private Zoom room
  • Access to my Content Vault of ‘do in your own time’ mini -trainings to fill in any gaps in your knowledge and enable you to move on to the next level.
  • Private Facebook group to ask any questions and get support from other business owners who are also Asset Accelerators™
  • Unlimited 1-2-1 messenger access (during working hours)

Plus other opportunities to socialise and make lasting connections combined with the peace of mind that all your financial information is kept completely confidential.

Plus some INCREDIBLE bonuses

  • A Will-writing session (RRP £350)*
  • Access to my Four Steps to Fabulous Shoes mini-course (RRP £200)
  • The Perfect Property Masterclass (RRP £135)

A 9 month 1-2-1 Programme that sees you CREATE a Wealth Plan, Take ACTION on it and Track your progress towards your goals... where you NEVER feel that you're on your own!


You deserve to be truly free to live the life you love…

You’ll no longer feel compelled to make more money, or like you’re on the back foot when it comes to your financial decisions.

You’ll KNOW that your money is working for you and that your financial loose ends have been dealt with and have a sense of peace and calm when your accountant talks to you about the numbers in your business - because you UNDERSTAND where it all fits into your long-term wealth strategy.

Plus you’ll finally be able to take your foot off the gas and relax in how you show up in your business, as you’ll no longer feel tied to the success of each launch, or scared that you won’t make enough this month to pay your staff.

You need a financial expert who GETS your dreams and goals (someone who is an entrepreneur and understands what it is really like to run a modern business) 

And is dedicated to helping you grow your personal wealth!!

I'd LOVE to help you do this

Your Investment

£3500 Pay in Full

Pay in full and get a BONUS 1-2-1 session with both my accountant and my mindset coach included at no extra cost

Or PAYMENT Plan - Pay £395 a month for 9 months

Ideal if you want to maximise your cashflow

    If you've already worked with me 1-2-1 or completed ROCK Solid™   please message me to get details of the options for existing clients!