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Leaving your job, to start your own business? Don’t lose these perks!

Being an employee comes with perks, that are easy to overlook when you’re so focused on starting your own business.


So you’re engaged. Have you talked about money?

I’m sure you’ve talked about your hopes and dreams. The important stuff, like where you’ll live and work. Whether you might want kids or a dog. But have you talked about money?


The modern way to deal with debt & get on with your life!

This blog is about the modern way to deal with your debt and get on with your life.


10 things you didn’t know you could claim on your tax return…

If you want to make sure you’re not paying a penny more in tax than you have to…read on. Because we’re talking 10 things you might never have thought about claiming before!


Christmas. Time off = less money? This will help!

Here’s a couple of easy things you can do, to avoid a financial drought. And not end up stressing about anything other than burning the turkey or your mother-in-law coming to stay!


Want to book a holiday…and wondering HOW to pay for it?

There are a few options. So in today’s blog, we’ll run through all of the pros and cons, to find the best choice for you!


Money pots. The simple way to ALWAYS have enough!

Time is all about priorities. You can ONLY spend it once. And it’s the same with money.
So if you ever feel like money seems to slip through your fingers and there’s never quite enough, to do all the things you want – this week’s blog will help!
We’re talking money pots.


Business numbers. Never enough cash? Start here!

As business owners, we have SO much think about. Doing the marketing, making the sales, finding the right staff (or freelancers), managing the suppliers – let alone doing the actual work.
And yes, we went into business to help people and provide a valuable service.
But we need to make money!


Is it still worth investing in Buy to Let property?

Is investing in Buy to Let property still worth it? Is it still a legitimate part of retirement planning?


Lost track of your old pensions? Here’s how to sort it out!

If you have old pensions from jobs back in the day – and you don’t really know what’s going on with them – this blog is for you.


Why (most) couples should have a joint account!

I deeply and passionately believe that all women – even in the happiest relationships – need to take full responsibility for our money and know-how our finances work.

40k Tax Free

How to get an income of £40k+ per year… and NOT pay any tax!

So before this week’s blog dives into exactly HOW you can do this – I just to want to make sure we’re on the same page. I’m talking a £40k+ income without paying tax that is both legal AND ethical. No dodgy scams or tax avoidance (which, if you know me at all, you’ll know …

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Financial Emergencies

You can’t work. How fast does the money run out?

“If you lost your job today or your business folded – how long would it be before I needed to start putting money in your account?”


What is Passive Income, anyway?

There are SO many ways to create passive income. It’s a brilliant way to supplement your income now and can play a huge part in planning for your retirement.


Are your finances getting in the way of YOUR dreams?

In life, SO many things get in the way of us building our dream. Overwhelm is a big one. When we see the huge goal at the end, the path to get there can feel too complicated and just too big a challenge to overcome.

charitable giving

Charitable giving… how to do more (right now!)

We all want to give something back. We want to support those charities close to our hearts; to make a difference in the world (however small) and feel like it matters. But it’s hard. Can you really afford to give anything away – especially if you’re not yet achieving the level of financial success you …

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Why finance a car? Is it not better to pay cash?

This week we made the decision to replace my car – a trusty Volvo V40, which I’ve had less than a year. I’ve been finding that the manual gearbox and driving position is playing havoc with my shoulder, and I cannot face the thought of unlimited trips to my chiropractor and massage therapist – despite …

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How to ensure you don’t run out of money in retirement

Women are living longer, being more active and having more choices in life than ever before, which can make organising your finances and planning your retirement overwhelming, confusing and one of those things that get consigned to the ‘nice to do’ list. So many people are retraining to do their dream job, and then working …

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2 Ways to stop your business running out of money

When you started in business, you probably accepted that you might not make a profit your first year, but now that you’re generating decent revenues – where is all the money?


2 Reasons why EVERYONE should claim child benefit

Child benefit is paid to parents or full-time carers of one or more children under the age of 16 (or 20 if in full-time education). It was started back in 1946 as family allowance to encourage parents to keep their children in full time education rather than send them out to work, and to provide …

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