2 Ways to stop your business running out of money

When you started in business, you probably accepted that you might not make a profit your first year, but now that you’re generating decent revenues – where is all the money?


2 Reasons why EVERYONE should claim child benefit

Child benefit is paid to parents or full-time carers of one or more children under the age of 16 (or 20 if in full-time education). It was started back in 1946 as family allowance to encourage parents to keep their children in full time education rather than send them out to work, and to provide …

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Pay off your Mortgage? – That’s the LAST Thing You Should Do!!

For many people repaying your mortgage early is not the best option for a good quality of life and a successful financial future – and I’m going to explain to you 5 reasons why it is literally THE LAST THING YOU SHOULD DO.


6 Things to STOP doing TODAY to boost your productivity

Whether you work 4 hours a week or 40 hours a week, being productive will let you accomplish more and feel like you’ve made progress towards your goals and mean you finish your day on a positive note.


Why Business Owners are More Trustworthy than Salaried Employees

Did you realise that as a business owner the government trusts you more than they trust salaried employees?


3 Retirement Planning mistakes you don’t want to make

With people living longer, being more active and having more options than ever before, retirement planning can be overwhelming, confusing and one of those things that gets consigned to the ‘nice to do’ list.


The Bigger Picture

Why you need a vision board, even if you don’t believe in the woo woo stuff


Do you have a favourite pen?

Which is more important, the pen or the hand that holds it?


How to ensure you and your business survive the school holidays!

Is there anything you can do to ensure that you have a calmer experience when you take time out of your business for a holiday – or are you destined to work 52 weeks of the year forever?


How to legally change Grandad’s Will

A deed of variation (DOV) is a legal document that allows the beneficiaries of an estate – if all of them agree – to make changes to a will, in the name of the deceased, after their death.