Permission To ENJOY Your Wealth This Christmas!

It’s December (how is it December already?!) and the Christmas decorations are popping up everywhere you look.

I know that some places have had them up pretty much since Halloween but it’s really starting to feel Christmassy now, when you get that lovely warm feeling of really being in the festive spirit.

But is this Christmas turning out how you hoped it would be? Have you got the money to buy the things that you thought about last year when you had that vision of your business and your wealth increasing – the luxury concept of being able to buy ‘nice’ things for your friends and family, or spending more on food and luxuries over the holidays?

If you’ve been able to do that, and the money is there, it’s amazing! I’m honestly so pleased you’ve been able to create that experience for yourself and your loved ones.

But I think this question is more valid than ever this year:

How do you feel about it all? About having money to spend this Christmas?

With everything that’s going on in the world right now and all the headlines about not being able to afford to heat and eat, it can feel really hard to actually give yourself permission to enjoy the abundance you’ve created.

When you look around and people are talking about food banks and projects to buy Christmas presents for children who don’t have anything – and then you look at your massive Christmas tree and the gifts under it and the food on your table – it’s no wonder if we have a little internal wobble.

When you’re like “is this right? Is it fair for me to enjoy all these nice things and luxuries, when others are struggling to get by?” Maybe a little guilt or shame even kicks in (which is, after all, a very human way to feel).

One thing that really drives me is knowing the more money I make, the more I can give to help others through my church and in my local community. I’ve always tithed a percentage of my income as well supporting causes that mean a lot to me, which is something I know is important to so many of the women I work with too.

But I’m very mindful of the fact that wherever you sit with all of this, you have a story that you tell yourself in your head about what wealth means and what money means.

We each have a level of income and wealth that feels ok for us, and a level that feels a little bit uncomfortable.

It can happen in a couple of ways. Sometimes it’s about pricing, when you decide to start charging more for your products or services and that new level of pricing feels uncomfortable (sometimes massively so!).  

But often, that feeling of discomfort comes from how much money you’re spending on things.

Maybe you’ve seen a present that you want to buy for your sister, something you know she’d just absolutely love and treasure. It’s around £200 but you also know that she’s probably going to buy you a gift at around the £25/£30 mark.

Do you worry about whether she’ll accept the gift and be pleased, or whether she might be slightly embarrassed that she hasn’t got you more?

Do you worry that people will think you’re showing off, because you’ve bought more expensive presents?

When you get online or hit the shops, do you start overthinking it all and whether you should do it?

How DO you deal with that mindset wobble, that stops you wanting to spend that money and enjoy the wealth you’ve created?

There’s a brilliant phrase I first heard from Denise Duffield-Thomas, that really stuck with me – “I serve, I deserve” – the reminder that your business helps people and makes a real difference in the lives of others, and that you deserve to be well compensated for that.

Earning good money truly IS something to celebrate. There’s nothing nasty or dirty or shameful about being successful, creating wealth in your life and having money to spend on the people you love…and on yourself!

Because again, spending money on ourselves can be something we struggle with a little bit, can’t it?

We buy things for our partner; our kids; our parents; our siblings; our friends. We donate generously to charities and causes that we care about.

But when it comes to taking a taxi in London rather than getting the tube, we begrudge ourselves the £20 because we don’t see it as ‘necessary’ or we don’t think we ‘should’.

What we’re really talking about with all of this is actually calibrating ourselves to a higher level of wealth, a higher level of luxury and what feels ‘normal’.

It’s why over the last few years, I have made it a priority to move in circles of people who are working at a higher level than I am right now and have businesses that have moved up in terms of turnover and profit.

Because I want to surround myself with people where it’s quite normal to fly business class and take taxis. People who, if I want to spend £800 on pair of heels, will celebrate and appreciate those beautiful shoes with me, rather than sucking their breath in over their teeth about how much they cost.

It is, of course, wonderful to have friends who you’ve known since school and from days gone by. They can be some of the best, most fulfilling friendships. But there’s also incredible power in surrounding yourself with people who ‘get’ what it means to be growing an online business, who understand what a successful launch looks like (and when it doesn’t go to plan) and who can give you that next level of support and encouragement, that you just don’t get when you’re sitting at your laptop on your own.

It’s a massive part of the reason I created my signature programme, Magnetic Wealth as the perfect hybrid. You get that invaluable 1:1 support, where you and I work on the things that are most important to build your wealth over a 9-month period – because making money is great, but if we don’t actively build our wealth, there’s not much to show for all the hard work when we look back in 10 years’ time.  

But on top of that, I bring my 1:1 clients together in small group experiences. We have monthly implementation calls. We have group Q&A sessions, with so much shared experience and learning.

And even more than that, we have our ‘Women of Wealth’ training events, where you become part of a small group of like-minded women, who actually support each other and enjoy the feeling of being wealthy and being able to connect with each other in a very real way.

So if you’re interested in this type of thing – and it’s time to start enjoying the money you’re making – just click here to message me personally and we can have a chat about Magnetic Wealth™ and how it might work for you.

It’ll throw open the doors to a whole load of contacts for you, so you can surround yourself with amazing women in business who are also growing and serving and enjoying their wealth while making the world a better place.

Because it’s so true, after all…you serve, you deserve!

Until next time,


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The Wealth Action Club

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