If you DON’T want to budget…do this instead!

Not a fan of budgeting?!

Confession time…I don’t do a budget planner anymore.

Which, as a Money Coach and Financial Advisor, you might be surprised to hear!

I’m not one of these people who categorises their spending into different parts, just so that they can live a restrictive lifestyle.

What I DO have is a system that means I can spend money, without needing to worry.

So although I keep a record of everything I spend – I could tell you how much I’ve spent each month on food or petrol, going back several years – I don’t actively budget for it anymore.

Instead, I manage my money this way, because it gives me freedom.

Let me explain!

There was a time when I’d go to the supermarket with £50 for my weekly shopping. I’d walk around, adding everything up to the exact penny as I went. Because if I got to the checkout and I was running short – which happened more than once – I’d have to put things back.

If you’ve ever been there too, you’ll know how mortifying that can feel.

It’s not like that now.

Now, I manage my money by running 6 x different bank accounts, along with my current account.

If you’re with a modern bank – like Tide or Starling or Monzo – you can have one single current account split into multiple money pots, all managed with one bank card and an app.

You can even call the money pots whatever you like (‘Santorini Fund’) and add photos, to make them super personal.

I’m with Lloyds and the old-fashioned banks don’t seem to offer that. I’ve been with them such a long time, the service is good and the app is great. So I’m not looking to change now.

Whether you have multiple accounts or money pots, the system I’ve created works in the exact same way.

Here’s how to make it work for you!

1. Pay yourself first

Each month, I pretend I’m salaried and pay myself a fixed amount of money from my business.

Obviously if you are salaried, you can skip this step!

But it’s SO much easier to manage your money – and make it work for you – when you’re getting paid the same amount every month.

That way, you can easily move onto step 2 (and automate the whole thing with standing orders).

2. Divide and transfer!

Each month, I then transfer set proportions out into 6 x different accounts, that I use for 6 x different purposes:

  • Pot #1 = Long-term savings and dream fund
  • Pot #2 = Fun stuff
  • Pot #3 = Big annual expenses
  • Pot #4 = Charitable giving
  • Pot #5 = Short-term savings
  • Pot #6 = Personal development.

10% goes into Pot #1 – to save for the future and build my dream fund. This is the account I use to pay into my ISA and my pension. There’s the £10-odd that goes on the People’s Postcode Lottery, plus other savings plans and things for the future.

Pot #2 is for fun stuff! For me, that’s usually eating out, weekends away and lunch with the girls.

Again, I put in 10% of my earnings into this pot.

When I go out, it’s the card for this account that I use. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

But the thing is, it’s never gone! Because once it’s in one place and you can see clearly what you’ve got, you make active choices.

Like “do I want to spend £15 on junk food? Or would I rather spend that same money on a lovely meal out with my husband / treat myself to that gorgeous smelling candle / order that luxury shampoo?”

One great thing from lockdown was that my fun stuff account built up a bit, because everywhere was shut and we couldn’t go anywhere.

It’s meant we’ve had some really nice weekends since. Like going both ways by taxi, without having to think about what the cost will be.

And because it’s money you’ve allocated for fun stuff – and isn’t needed for bills and costs – you never feel guilty about spending it!  

Pot #3 is the account I use to put money away for the big expenses every year.

The kids bus pass. New school uniform. Car insurance, pet booster vaccinations, Christmas…

By putting the money away each month, it means I’ve always got the money when the time comes around to pay out again.  

Pot #4 is my charitable giving pot. Pot #5 is for short-term savings (like for holidays or doing up the bathroom).

And there’s a last one – Pot #6 – that I use for personal development. This is the one I use for things like piano and karate lessons, and when I get my hair and nails done because it makes me feel good.

So when I say I don’t do a budget planner…I really don’t!

BUT by organising my money this way, I don’t have to worry about budgeting.

I know the money in my current account is for bills and my food shopping. I know the money in my fun stuff account is for fun stuff.

With apps on our phones, we can keep an eye on it with just a fingertip, at any moment.

It’s getting these things done and the basics organised that gives you freedom. The feeling of KNOWING you can spend what you want, without having to worry about it.

That’s what makes me feel calm, relaxed and in control.

And if you’d LOVE to know how and where to allocate your money each month…

So you can have the luxuries in your life, go on holiday and still buy gin – while building that security for you and your family…

That’s exactly what the Wealth Builder Experience will do for you!

It’s designed to help dynamic business owners create a wealth strategy plan, so you can start to build assets and map out your journey to £500k+.

So your money makes more money – even when you sleep. It’s the ‘original passive income’ that doesn’t need you to create anything. No courses, memberships or online programmes.

It’s about taking your surplus business income and turning it into over £500k of assets in the next 5 years, based on 3 key areas of focus:

  • Debt / borrowing
  • Cash / liquidity
  • Future self / assets.

We start with an intensive in person day, at a (UK) location of your choice. We’ll organise your financial foundations, get a clear picture of what your future needs to look like and create your Wealth Strategy Plan (with all your milestones and markers, to keep you on track).

We’ll cover making your money work for you; minimising tax and diversifying, so you can be secure that the income you need will be available when you need it to be.

Then, we have follow up Zoom calls at the end of month 1 and month 3.

And at the end of 6 months, we do a final follow up session, with a celebration lunch.

PLUS you’ll get 1:1 support from me via email and Voxer (office hours) and access to my membership and any training programmes I run, over the 6 month period.


For a chat to see if the Wealth Builder Experience is right for you, just click here now to get in touch.

And honestly, if you’ve haven’t yet got your money pots in place…give it a go and see the HUGE difference it makes!

Until next time,


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