I don’t need a Will

A profound statement made recently by John, a new client of mine. Now don’t get me wrong, some people don’t need a Will – and I’m not the person to arrange things for my clients if they don’t need to – but in most cases, a Will prevents an unnecessary headache for those that you […]


What’s in the bag?

Girls like handbags. No surprises to most people there. First you get to choose the style and colour you prefer, having an on-going excuse to go shopping should you need something new to co-ordinate with an outfit. But better than that, you get to fill it with stuff. The average woman’s handbag contains a multitude […]


Time to Put Yourself First

Life is all about priorities- which things you choose to make time for in your life and which things you don’t. This can include your work, your family, your hobbies and, in a society where the ‘normal’ thing is to have it all (or want it all), it can be really hard to prioritise your […]


Three things I wish I’d really understood when I decided to run my own business – Part 3

3. Where did everybody go? It can be really lonely running your own business. One minute you’re employed, and have co-workers, a boss and people that you can bounce ideas off, chat to about sport, the kids, alpacas or whatever takes your fancy – then quick as a flash, there is just you, confined to […]


Three things I wish I’d really understood when I decided to run my own business – Part 2

2. It’s all up to you! This can be one of the most amazing parts of running your own business– you can choose what you do and when – but can also be challenging in terms of managing your time and prioritising tasks. You would think that for most people escaping a 35 hour a […]


Three things I wish I’d really understood when I decided to run my own business

17 years in the corporate world had left me feeling that head office targets and bureaucracy were getting in the way of me spending my time where it was most needed – conversations with clients. Creating the correct solution for my clients, means letting them tell me about their situation, without feeling hurried so that […]


Compounding Part 2 – It can work for you, or against you!

    Eleven words that can send a shiver down your spine – especially today, where the 3rd Monday of January has now been dubbed ‘Blue Monday’ – the day when you’re most likely to get a credit card bill for your Christmas spending – and although the thud of the bill arriving has been lessened […]


Compounding – Part 1

If you remember the 1980s, then either your home or that of someone you know will have probably been the owner of something similar to this – the round tuit (probably in the same room as the star shaped wall clock and a set of horse-brasses or flying ducks). All joking aside, it was meant […]

This is Bertie Boy - my first Alpaca love!

Find your passion, visualise your dream and go for it!

So what’s the deal with the Alpacas then? Your mother probably told you that you should buy other people gifts that you would like to receive yourself – which got taken to a whole new level when just over a year ago I bought Phil a ‘thoughtful’ gift for his birthday – alpaca trekking at […]


The secret to a stress-free Christmas…

…marriage, business partnership, working relationship… Chocolate? No, believe it or not the world does not revolve around chocolate (disputed).

Download your budget planner

Getting on top of your finances – a 5 step plan

31st December is the second most popular year end date for accounting purposes (after the 5th April) and even if you don’t run your own business, it can be a logical time to take a look at your finances over the previous year.


Bringing the pieces of the jigsaw together

Over the last 9 years since I joined the Financial Services industry, the thing I’ve really loved is being able to help people take charge of their finances – whether that means helping them get a mortgage to buy their first home, to fund home improvements or wipe the slate clean by consolidating their debts […]

LANZAROTE Ultimate Wealth Retreat

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