Feel like you’re faking it? Here’s what to do instead!

Ever feel like you’re faking it?!

You’ve got the “successful” lifestyle; the beautiful home; the holidays (well maybe not right now!).

The big smile; the carefully filtered Instagram photos; the energy you bring when you show up on camera.

We ALL know social media is like that. The whole image of everything looking perfect – because no one shares that post when they’ve just tripped over and splattered themselves on the floor.

But what people don’t see is the personal financial stuff, that you’ve never quite felt in control of.

Like that swan gliding along on the surface, with your feet kicking away furiously out of sight, keeping you afloat!

If the whole financial thing feels totally overwhelming – and you just don’t know what to start – you’re NOT alone.

Because you’re brilliant at your work. The way you help your clients is amazing. You’re smart, you know your stuff and you feel like you should have this financial side sorted by now!

But some of it feels like a foreign language.

Maybe you’ve made a start before, trying to sort it all out, but it’s felt like too big a thing to deal with. So you filed it away in your mind, to come back to later.

Cash flow; profit; turnover. Do you know your numbers? Dragon’s Den is proof that SO many business owners don’t understand their numbers properly (and that’s on national telly – you’d think they’d have them down!).

What do YOUR numbers mean? Practically speaking – what are you actually meant to be doing?

And then your accountant keeps mentioning things you should be doing to save tax.

Are you a limited company? Paying into a pension (the right pension)? What about life cover? Making the most of your ISA allowances? And all these other things, that simply add to the confusion of where to even start sorting it all out.

So you just carry on with what you’re doing and despite your outlook being so brilliant, you feel like you’re faking it.

When it comes to money, you just don’t know what to do for the best.

Whenever we feel overwhelmed (and I’ve totally felt that in my business too, by the way!) – the trick is to take a step back and see where you are.

And then just take one step at a time, in the right direction.

There’s an old saying: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”. And the same goes for your finances.

The first step is to work out exactly where you are and what you’ve actually got in place already (or not).

You need to know a) how much money you’ve got coming in and b) your profitability. Because earning more money is NOT the answer.

You can keep earning as much as you want!

The online business world (in particular) is obsessed with making 6-figures and 7-figures. Smash that turnover goal; make more, more, more.

But if you don’t plug the leaks – so you’re spending in an efficient way AND saving and investing for your future – you’re always going to feel like you’re skint.

Once you’ve worked out where you are, the second step is to work out where you want to get to.

  • Is there a specific amount of savings, that would make you feel safe?
  • Maybe you want to pay off your mortgage, with the freedom and choices that brings?
  • Maybe you’re starting to think about a time in the future when you might want to work a bit less hard? To travel or start a philanthropic project – maybe just see one or two clients a month, taking a pay cut?

Take this last example, about working less. You’ll need to supplement your income. Where will that money come from?  

Once you’ve come up with an idea of what you want, you can put a plan in place to get there.

But there’s so much inaccurate, out-of-date and confusing information that sorting your finances (I mean properly sorting them) is one those things that it’s hard to do by yourself.

So if you’d love some help…that where my Wealth Builder Experience comes in!

Over 6 months working 1:1 together, we’ll focus on 3 core areas of your finances:

  • Debt / borrowing (your mortgage, credit cards, loans etc)
  • Cash / liquidity (your emergency fund, ISAs etc)
  • Future self / assets (your plan to get where you want to be – pensions, investments etc).

We’ll work on the exact steps to build your passive income assets over the next 5 years, so you can have true financial freedom!

We start with an intensive in person day together– to organise your financial foundations; get a clear picture of what your future looks like; and create your Wealth Strategy Plan (with all your milestones and markers, to keep you on track).

Then, we have follow-up Zoom calls at the end of month 1 and month 3.

At the end of 6 months, we do a final follow up session, with a celebration lunch.

You’ll get 1:1 support from me throughout our 6 months together, via email and Voxer, as you put in place all the things we plan during our sessions.

Plus you’ll get access to all the resources in my membership and any training programmes I run during that time (bonus!).

If you’re ready to get started, here’s where you can book in for The Wealth Builder Experience now.

If you want to chat it through and see if we’re the right fit for each other, here’s where you can message me now.

The main thing about all of this is that you feel AMAZING about your finances.

Not just what you make – but feeling totally in control of your whole financial life. Understanding every single element and knowing you’ve got it in the bag.

Feeling as successful about your personal financial stuff, as you do about your business.

No more faking it!

Until next time,


There are TWO main ways to work with me right now

The Wealth Action Club

An accountability-based membership, with no long tie-in.

Join us for a combination of bite-sized training, small group Q&A and a place to ask your everyday money questions where you KNOW you'll get easy to follow, sensible strategies from an EXPERT that you trust.


The Asset Accelerator®️

A 9 month 1-2-1 experience combining Strategy and planning plus ongoing support and accountability to take action and move towards your goals.

Designed for people who prefer a little more hand-holding and love 1-2-1 work


LANZAROTE Ultimate Wealth Retreat

A Wealth Retreat for Fun-loving Female Entrepreneurs