Are you STILL taking miniature toiletries home from your hotel stays?

Why do you do that?

There are some really good reasons why those little scented marvels end up in your luggage, but also a couple which may be un-consciously scuppering your wealth journey… so let me tell you how to work out which route you’re on.

There’s a saying that ‘how you do one thing, is how you do everything’ and your reaction to those little bottles in the bathroom (or the teabags on the dresser) give you glimpse into your inner workings.

If you’re taking them home, because they smell gorgeous, and you want to take the bottle into the shop to make sure you buy the right full-sized product…especially important where lots of the packaging looks similar like the Clarins range… this is a good thing.

Or to present to a loved one with a not-so-subtle hint about what you’d like for your birthday.

Or because today is not a hair-washing day, but you’d love to try that brand of shampoo and would love a sample to try.

Or because you’ve planned a girls camping break next month and that half-full mini bottle of shower gel will mean a little luxury in an otherwise grimy shared bathroom.

But if you’re taking it home, because it’s FREE / included in your room rate and so RIGHTFULLY yours then you risk turning in to Ross out of Friends in THAT hotel scene!

You remember the one, when he takes everything he deems consumables from the hotel room ( soap, loo rolls, batteries from the remote controls) and checks out a 1 minute to his 12pm cut-off to ‘get his money’s worth’… only for his suitcase to explode in the hotel lobby (due to all the stuff he’s crammed into it!)

And although the episode seems funny (you can catch it on Netflix or Youtube if you missed it) the underlying message is of scarcity, frugality and desperation.

If you’re taking all the hotel extras home, in an attempt to save money / have it because it’s free, you’re telling your subconscious that you’re in a place of lack and don’t have enough for your needs.

Penny pinching and nabbing all the free stuff is the polar opposite to generosity and abundance.

So what are you telling your subconscious about your true feelings about money?

That you don’t have enough money to afford to buy your own shampoo?

So you want to be re-programming your inner voice with a narrative like that?

So what can you do about it?

If you find yourself gathering up the little bottles, STOP and ask yourself why.

And if your reason isn’t motivated from a place of positivity, generosity and exploration – put them back.

The first time it will feel hard.

It’s like leaving food on the side of your plate, even though you feel full up… rather than eating it all and making yourself feel uncomfortable later.

Or choosing to throw away or donate the rowing machine / food processor / 2-sizes-too-small designer jacket that sits unused in the spare room.

“But they’re WORTH hundreds of pounds” you say to yourself… and so you can’t bear to part with them.

It’s what’s known as a sunk cost… money you’ve spent on things in the past… but that money is now gone and stuff sitting in your spare room or garage is only worth what someone will pay you for it.

And hoarding the stuff is again a re-enforcing of the lack mentality.

Just let it go. It’s really liberating.

Now if you REALLY can’t afford to buy your own shampoo, I would argue that you have deeper financial things to resolve and that some work needs to be done on ensuring you’re spending less than you earn (and you probably shouldn’t be using your limited resources by staying in luxury hotels either)

But if it’s just a HABIT from your past… it’s time to step back and see if it still serves you.

You as a wealthy woman. Earning in the top 10-20% of all the people in the UK.

You don’t need to do that any more.

I’m not saying that you should be wasteful or frivolous with your spending and your possessions, but saving little end bits from bars of soap, to melt down and create a new bar really isn’t the behaviour of someone who feels abundant and is enjoying the wealth that they’ve created.

It’s time to embody the success you have, and step into the true version of you.

Where your money works for you to create an amazing quality of life now AND build some real wealth that will last long after you’ve gone.

Where you have the mindset of an abundant woman to back it up.

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