YOU can set your kids up as millionaires for less than the price of 2 weeks in Mexico!

Step 1. Invest £3000 into a suitable tax efficient wrapper when they are born.

Step 2. Leave it to grow and don’t fiddle with it for 60 years.

At 8% growth they’ll have £331,273

At 10% growth that becomes £1,068,663

If you were able to add an extra £50 a month to the pot over this period, you can boost it further

Resulting in…

£1,151,962 (8%) or £3,199,994 (10%)

That’s worth thinking about… isn’t it?

And if I said that you ONLY actually need £2400 from your own pocket… that would be EVEN better eh?

The thing about growing your wealth is that you need to have TIME for your money to grow. (Those flash in the pan get rich quick schemes are best avoided!) And of course, you can invest a pot of money for your own future dreams too… or have more than one pot, each with a different objective.

The best plans are multifaceted.

Whatever your plan, the sooner you begin working on it the better, but knowing where to start can be tricky.

1. How MUCH do you need to invest to meet your goals?

That depends how much money you’ll need and when… and the net growth rate (growth minus fees and charges).

2. Where should you put it?

Depends on when you want to pay tax on the growth/ income… if at all.

Which will depend on what your income looks like now ( not just how much, but where it derives from) and will look like when you come to draw the money.

3. How do you maximise growth and minimise loss?

Diversify your portfolio so that you have a range of ASSETS held in a variety of tax WRAPPERS. Making sure they’re held in the right name and ownership and utilising trusts where appropriate.

Simple but underused strategies that can prevent you paying more tax than you need to, meaning more for you to spend on the things you love.

And then you need to monitor them and track your progress towards your goals.

Making little adjustments as needed and adding in more diversity to your portfolio as your business continues to grow.

Which means you really understand the short-term position and how it factors in to your medium to long term plans.

And can be free to live your best life, whilst the ORIGINAL form of passive income increases your NET WORTH year on year.

THIS is how Wealth is made.

NOT by making more sales or earning more money.

By utilising what you have to work FOR you, so that the prospect of looking at your numbers leaves you SUPER excited as you KNOW what this will enable you to do with your life – and how many other people will benefit as a result!

INTERGENERATIONAL wealth planning is one of the things we cover in my Asset Mastery programme – Magnetic WealthTM.

An exclusive 1-2-1 experience run over 12 months which brings together training, mentorship, accountability and a whole load of fun for a total of EIGHT hand-picked ladies…

So that you each get the personalised support you need from me to secure your foundations and then accelerate the growth of your wealth… in a way that makes sense AND allows you complete flexibility to live the life YOU choose.

There’s one lady already inside and another TODAY telling me she’s in, so the spots are filling quickly!

If this is the year that YOU want to turn that money sat doing nothing into LASTING wealth, then THIS is your opportunity to take action.

Can’t wait to get your bespoke wealth plan done!


There are TWO main ways to work with me right now

The Wealth Action Club

An accountability-based membership, with no long tie-in.

Join us for a combination of bite-sized training, small group Q&A and a place to ask your everyday money questions where you KNOW you'll get easy to follow, sensible strategies from an EXPERT that you trust.


The Asset Accelerator®️

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