Why I Wrote The Book On Money
(+ Why You NEED To Read It!)

There are tons of finance books out there. Big ones; small ones and everything in between.

I personally know at least 3 other Financial Advisers who’ve got published works to their name.

So why did I write a book? What was the point?

Surely if someone wants a book, they’ll just go and buy one of those others…won’t they?

Well, no. Because just like every Financial Adviser is different – and every Money Coach is different (I am both, by the way!) – every book is different, too.

Each of us has something special to offer. A unique set of skills that fill a gap for the people who specifically choose to work with us, over all the other options out there.

The key is deciding what help you want with your money stuff and then finding the person who feels like the best ‘fit’ for you. Who shares your values; speaks your language and who works in a way that works for you!

Over the 15+ years that I’ve been in finance, so many of my clients have had lightbulb moments when – for the first time ever – they actually understand what they’re meant to be doing with their money, to get the outcome they want.

This first started back when I began doing mortgages and protection policies. I’d see clients who desperately wanted to move house but either didn’t have enough income; didn’t have a big enough deposit or both.

So we’d sit down together and come up with a plan – so that within a year or two they could come back to me again, with everything all stacked up and ready to go, to move into the house of their dreams.

I’d also sit down with clients in a muddle with their pensions, with old ones from past employers and new ones. They’d often have no clue what to do with them; not knowing if they’d have enough money to live on when they want to stop working (or even how much their pensions would be worth at all).

So we’d pull all their pension stuff into something clear and logical, so they’d know what options they have and the exact next steps to take.  

Because there’s 3 key parts to making anything happen in life (not just money – but it’s maybe more important here than anywhere!):

1) You’ve got to know exactly where you’re starting from;

2) Where you want to end up;

3) And then DO the things between the two, to join the dots!

The problem is with finances is that all too often, people don’t actually have a clear picture of where they are right now. It feels intimidating or overwhelming, trying to look in from the outside of that mountain of financial stuff.

It’s that feeling of knowing you should get on with it…but not quite knowing where to start!

So I wanted to write a book that was completely different.

Something fun. Something light-hearted. A book I’d love to see on the shelves at WHSmith at the airport, like a holiday paperback – that you can absorb in just a couple of hours but that will actually have a profound difference in your life!

Most definitely NOT one of these boring, stuffy books that just confuses you even more or leaves you with such a massive list of things to do, that you put it on the coffee table and think you’ll do it another day.

Because it’s not going to help anyone if your book just ends up as a doorstop or as a pile in the office. How is that moving you forward?!

So I wanted to create something super user-friendly. A book that would allow me to help many, many more people that I could ever work with on my own.

In the online world right now, there’s so much noise about moving from working 1:1 to running group programs, so you can leverage your time as a coach or consultant. The same goes for me as a Financial Adviser and Money Coach – you can only work with so many clients in a day.

I love a good group program. And I’m a huge believer in leveraging!

But the problem is that when it comes to money, so many people don’t want a group experience, because your money is your money and it’s private. Which means I was searching for other ways to leverage my time, to help the number of people I really want to and create the all the impact that I want to have.

There are far too many people out there who simply aren’t making the most of their life and their money, just because they don’t know where to start or what to do.

And THIS is exactly what I want to provide a solution for. All the time I was writing this book, I wanted to create something to guide you through the process, step-by-step, at an incredibly accessible price point (and in a fun, non-boring way!).

So WHY should you read this book?

Well, I can think of two main reasons.  

Firstly, because this is the perfect and most entry-level way to get access to all my years of experience, expertise and knowledge about all things money, so you can truly start getting your financial house in order.

So if you’ve been following my content for a while and you’re thinking to yourself “I like her stuff, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to invest 1:1 with her yet”…

Getting the book is a brilliant way to see more about how I work; my style as a Financial Adviser and Money Coach and to get to know me as a person (to see my humour and realise that I’m not a bloke in a suit!), so you can get a better feel for whether you want to work together more deeply in future.

But the main reason you should buy this book is because it will make a HUGE difference to your financial confidence and help you to take REAL control of your money.

It will show you how to get all those things tidied up beneath the surface, so that you don’t have to worry about money anymore. Knowing that you’ve got enough money for now – to have fun and live the best life you can – without worrying that it’s going to run out.

And it means you’ll have enough money for the future. So that when you decide you want to work less hard, you can.

You really don’t want to HAVE to work until you’re 75! Of course, you might want to in some capacity – maybe part-time with a handful clients you love, or in some other way that really lights you up – but you don’t want to have to work that long, just because you can’t afford to stop.

This is about having choices, to live the life you really want.

To do that, you’ll need to put things in place – and this book is a way of pulling together ALL the key things you’ll want to do, in a fun and easy-to-read (aka non-boring or preachy!) format.

So if you haven’t already got your book, just click here to get your copy now!

And if you’d love a bit hand-holding and guiding along the way, do get in touch here on the website.

I’ve got a range of ways to help you, starting from just £300…

Which, quite honestly, may well turn out to be the best investment you’ve ever made!

Until next time,


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The Wealth Action Club

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