What Money Stuff Have YOU Been Putting Off? {It’s time to get it DONE!}

How many things do we put off? Because we know they’re important…but they just never seem to feel urgent?

Take last month, for example. At the time of writing this, a couple of weeks ago it was tax return time (dreaded in the minds of so many!).

How many people do you know who decided to submit their tax return on the January 31st? Who left doing anything about it until the very last minute?

Why? Why would they do that?

You can submit your tax return any time from 6th April onwards.

They’ve had nine months to do it. Why leave it until the last minute?

Because it constantly gets pushed to the back burner.

It’s something you KNOW needs to get done, but it doesn’t seem urgent.

So you put it off and do something else instead.

Until finally – on 31st January – it suddenly becomes urgent.

Which means a super stressful last minute rush – especially when you can’t log in; HMRC’s website crashes; your internet goes down or worst of all, you’re surprised by a massive tax bill that needs paying TODAY.

They wish they’d submitted it sooner and had more time to work out where the tax money was coming from and avoided all the stress and headache…but here they are again.

And next year will probably be the same, unless they choose to do something different.

It’s the same with so much money stuff. There are lots of things we mean to get done. We want to get them sorted; we KNOW that they’re important. But we keep putting them off because they just never seem urgent.

Maybe we put them off because we don’t know what to do. Maybe because we’re not sure how (and it feels like a big deal to figure everything out) or maybe just because we’d rather do something else.

But the problem is when it catches up with you!

I had a client recently who’s been umming and ahhing about private medical cover for her and her family. As a busy business owner, she wanted to make sure that she and her family could get quick treatment if they needed it, so she could get back to work and it would have minimal impact on her business (and her income).

I spoke to her back in November. It took her until January to finally send the forms back, so we could actually get on and get things started.

Which wouldn’t be a problem…

Exact that her son broke his arm in mid-January. And genuinely – on that day – she told me “I wish I’d sent the forms back sooner”.

You see, hindsight is a wonderful thing!

And when we look back over the pandemic, so many people can see that their financial affairs weren’t quite in order as much as they thought they should be (or wanted them to be).  

So what are we going to DO about this? And how are we going to change things?  

My 6-category Amazon best-selling book – Have Life Your Way – is an amazing place for you to start!

It guides you through the simple, logical steps to get your finances in order that, when put together, have a MASSIVE impact on your business and your life (without taking you hours and hours to do!).

But how can we make sure that this book doesn’t just end up sitting on your bookcase with all those other amazing titles that you’ve bought?

Well, that’s where working together 1:1 can get you moving forward fast!  

Over 5 x weekly 1:1 Financial Blast sessions, we can take ACTION on all the money things you’ve been putting off and build on what you already have in place.

Each Zoom session is completely tailored to you. We’ll sort out all your financial stuff and end with an incredible Money Action Report, outlining the next steps we’ve agreed (and if you need support to take action on your plan, there’s a way I can help with that too).

Because you won’t know that setting up your bank accounts properly is important, until one day you can’t pay your bills and you’re sitting there at 9:30pm in front of Netflix, frantically trying to juggle your money around on your phone.

You won’t know that you need a Will or life cover until somebody dies.

And actually, you don’t want to be looking back in 10 years’ time and realise that those things on your vision board are still a dream (and wishing you’d done more back then, to live the life you REALLY want to experience).

It’s time to get things moving in the right direction.

So whether you want to start by grabbing your copy of the book…

Or just dive straight in to getting the 1:1 support you need, to make things happen NOW…

The key is taking ACTION. Today. Now!

I totally, totally get that sorting out your Will or pension or bank accounts or life cover or anything else might not feel urgent in this moment.

But none of us know what’s just around the corner…

Please don’t regret it.

Take action now and I’d love to be the one to support you on your journey!

Until next time,


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