When is a bargain NOT a bargain?

We all love getting a bargain!

Even when you’re making good money, feeling like you’re getting a good deal can give you a massive emotional boost (money is a very emotional thing).

But here’s the thing…sometimes, a bargain is really NOT a bargain!

No-one pays £3+ for Pringles. They’re not really ‘half price’ – it’s just designed to appeal to your bargain-hunter instincts.

I’m not saying don’t buy Pringles by the way (I love the green ones!).

But what I AM saying is don’t get sucked in.

Like if you see a new camera. It was £899, now only £399…

You haven’t saved £500. You’ve spent £399.

And did you really need or want a new camera anyway?!

Buying stuff when it’s ‘on offer’ – without giving real consideration to what it’s actually worth – is the fastest route to overspending, credit card debt and all the subsequent emotions that come with it.

The same goes for anything else. Look at what you’re being offered for the stated price. Is it actually good value?

By good value, I don’t necessarily mean cheap (you know what they say – buy cheap, buy twice!).

Emotions are the most powerful way for marketers to sell products. If you think it’s worth £4999 and you can get it for £200, you get the emotional kick of bagging a bargain and are more likely to jump right in.

I’m sure you’ve seen this loads online.

A massively long sales page, offering the product you want plus bonuses and extras worth thousands – with all the prices crossed out and a ‘today only’ price that’s a fraction of the ‘total value’.

On the whole, I don’t do this. It feels fake. And that’s not me.

I set my prices fairly and ensure the value you get is huge – whether you’re spending £10 or £10,000 with me.

Because that’s the point of all this.

We’ve GOT to look at the genuine, real value of that thing we’re buying.

If it is good value – then go for it! Knowing you’ve made a money-confident decision, with your head and not your emotions.

But don’t just buy it because you can.

I may pay £37.50 a week for someone to come and clean my house. But the value of that – not needing to do it on my day off and give up several hours that I could be with my family or the alpacas – is worth much, much more to me. And my cleaner does it better than me, in half the time.

Or paying for someone to fix your computer or tech stuff, rather than taking hours out of your day trying to figure it out.

Spending that time doing what you’re good at and enjoy has GOT be better value than battling on yourself (even before you figure in the cost of throwing your computer through the nearest window when it STILL doesn’t work!).

So what would it be worth to you – to have the freedom to meet a friend for lunch, whenever you like? To be able to take time out of your job to watch your children in their school play?

To choose the holiday destination you fancy for your 2-week break, rather than being limited to places you can fly to on a weekend (because you’ve got to be back in the office on Monday)?  

What is it worth to wake up feeling energised and excited for your day of work ahead? Rather than reluctantly dragging yourself into a workplace where you feel stifled (and where you’re starting to feel the salary just doesn’t make up for the other stuff anymore)?

It’s the reason all my team get to work flexible hours, and from home if they need to – so that work fits into their lifestyle (rather than the other way around).

And maybe why we’ve just had more than 230 applicants for our new position. Because we have a culture of energy, flexibility and fun that means that we all love coming to work.

Lockdown has caused so many of us to reconsider things. I know so many women who just don’t want to go back to how things were before.

And yes, it’s been hard in so many ways. But times of big change really are a golden opportunity to re-evaluate things.

When life does change – like lockdown or things like maternity leave or the threat of redundancy – I tend to get more enquiries from people wanting to figure out how they can afford to follow their dreams.

  • What would you REALLY like to do with your life?
  • Follow your heart? Change your career? Start a new business?
  • Change your existing business (ditching the parts of it that drain you or you just don’t love)?
  • What’s stopping you?

Maybe recent months have given you a glimpse of how life could be.

What if you didn’t go back to that job you fell into after college? What if you worked fewer hours in your business? And could still pay your bills AND have a good quality of life?

If you have a picture in your head of what you want life to look like and want help coming up with a concrete plan to get there…

You’re going to LOVE my new programme!

It’s called ‘Your Planned Exit’. You’ll get everything you need to work out if the changes you want to make are financially viable…AND give you the tools and the confidence you need to actually do it.

All for just £27 (genuine value, right there!).

It’s brand new (no fancy sales page yet) – but it’s a brilliant way to get started on your plans, if you’re not ready to work with me one-to-one yet.

Just click here now to check it out and get started on YOUR Planned Exit!

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