If your family don’t ‘get’ what you do…READ THIS!

It’s Christmas…which means it’s time to face the family!

Most of us have family we don’t see that often (especially over the last couple of years).

Every year, you sit there trying to make polite conversation with these people you grew up with. You love them. You care about them.

But what if you feel like you have nothing in common anymore?!

It’s so hard when you feel like your family just don’t get it.

For those that are still young enough to be in employment, they’ve got annual leave for Christmas. But come 4th January (if not before), they’ll be back working day in, day out in a job they’ll tolerate until they retire.

When they’ll finally be able to travel and garden and do all the things they actually WANT to do – the things that make life fun!

Maybe most of your extended family are retired already (because let’s face it, most of us are really a bit older than we feel!). By the time you reach your 40s, the chances are your parents and aunts and uncles are in their 60s and 70s. They’re part of that generation that often had good pensions at work and so have retired with a reasonable income.

They spend their time doing whatever they want. But having not grown up with tech, it also means they have little – if any – clue what’s going on in the online world, besides what they read in their newspaper of choice.

Maybe one of your aunties has Facebook (she randomly ‘likes’ your stuff). The others either don’t know it exists or don’t care. They can just about cope with a WhatsApp message, let alone anything more complicated than that.

To be very clear – this is NOT to judge anyone!

But the problem is that your family just don’t understand what you do every day. Which makes it really hard when they ask about what you do and how it’s all going.

“It’s going really well, thanks Uncle John! My new evergreen funnel’s finally starting to convert, thanks to my new tech VA. And our last launch with a new challenge was amazing, despite Facebook Ads not really working with all the IOS changes. Such a relief!”

Let’s be honest…probably NOT how that conversation is going to go!

Instead, you have to force yourself to come up with an answer that makes some form of sense to them.

My family know I’m a Financial Adviser. But it doesn’t stop them occasionally asking me questions like “do you do pensions then?” Yup. “And what about mortgages?” Yup…I do that as well.

BUT I think if I tried to explain to them what I do in terms of money coaching, it would just completely blow their minds. They’re just not used to that world. The whole concept of personal development and investing in yourself just isn’t something that seems natural or necessary to them.

The hard truth is that your family are NOT necessarily the best people to have meaningful conversations with, when it comes to your business.  

I mean the top-level conversations are great, to keep things light and reassure your family that you’re doing just fine. That your business is going great; you’re up on last year and you just hired a couple more members of staff. The kind of things we can all relate to.

But if you start talking about funnels and launches – and what’s REALLY going on for you – their eyes glaze over and they just get completely lost. Then they get up to get another sherry, you’ve lost them completely and everyone ends up feeling frustrated.

So who ARE you going to talk to about this stuff?

Perhaps you’ve got a supportive partner. Maybe like so many of the women I work with, you are the breadwinner and your partner supports you with life and family and the business, so you can focus on this thing you love and building the business and lifestyle you know you’re meant for.

But is that enough for you?

Or do you REALLY need and want to be able to talk with people who totally ‘get’ what you’re doing? Who understand what it’s like to put in all the hours you can and still only sell three places on your launch?

Which is where your ‘business besties’ come in!

To be honest, I hate that expression (way too American and cliched for my liking!). But it does encapsulate the idea of having people close to you, that you can turn to and share your journey with, and they do the same with you. Because when we come together, we’re all stronger.

As children and teenagers, most of us had a group of friends that we hung out with and bounced ideas off. Back then, we were talking about hairstyles and which member of Bros we thought was the most gorgeous.

Now? We’re talking about ways to grow our business; ways to enjoy the wealth we’re creating; what our next move might be. We’re sharing our experiences and learnings about what’s worked (and what hasn’t). We share our knowledge and the amazing contacts we’ve made in other fields.

There’s NO greater recommendation than when you pass your ‘business besties’ details to a friend or colleague – and they do the same for you.

And this is why so many people at that higher level of business choose to be part of a Mastermind or a similar sort of high-level programme!

It’s one of the big reasons I created Magnetic Wealth™. Because as a business owner, it can get a bit lonely sometimes, especially if you work remotely and it’s all on Zoom and you don’t really get to see people day to day.

I’m lucky I’ve got a team of people here in the office, but I love connecting with people. I love meeting people and even my team in the office don’t quite get what I do in the online world, as they’re not involved with that side of my business.

I’ve been part of high-level Mastermind groups over the last few years and it’s been amazing.

I’ve met interesting people based all over the world and made real, long-lasting friendships that I will never, ever forget.

I’ve made contact with other business professionals who’ve helped me take my business to the next level.

And this year I decided it was time to do something similar for my clients! They love working together 1:1. They love the fun, light-hearted way we deal with their finances and the fact that we get things DONE, to take control of their money and grow their wealth.

But I wanted to give them a community where they can get together with half a dozen other women who are also amazing business owners. Where if you’ve just spent £700 on a pair of shoes, nobody’s going to bat an eyelid.

It’s probably not the type of thing that you can talk about with your childhood friends from school, because they’re just not moving at the level that you are anymore.

It doesn’t mean you can’t share other things with them (of course!). But when it comes to business – and you’re talking about how much you’ve spent on a Mastermind or the amount of revenue coming into your business – people who are not in this world just don’t get it, whether they’re friends, family, or anything else. And that can make it really hard.

So that’s where Magnetic Wealth™ comes in! It’s a super high-level 6-month transformative wealth experience, that will forever alter how you deal with your money – shifting you from dreaming of wealth to building it.

Combining 1:1 time together; incredible in-person days AND Zoom training!

It’s about taking quality time out of your business, to focus on your wealth. Is it growing the way you want? If not, it’s time to make some changes! And our monthly calls together are so much fun, to monitor your progress towards your goals and keep you firmly on track.

There’s a Jim Rohn quote that says “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

So isn’t it time you brought some new people into your circle, so that you can raise your level?

To give yourself that perspective from the top of the mountain looking down, with a clear view of everything you’ve created…so you know your exact path forward? To build lasting wealth through a business with REAL meaning and impact?

Just click here now to get full details about Magnetic Wealth™!

Because you were born to have a BIG impact in this world…

Even if your family will never truly understand what you do…

And that impact becomes a LOT easier when your money is working as hard for you, as you are working for it!

Until next time,


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