Coronavirus. Money. And the people NO-ONE is talking about…

We’re British. Along with death and sex, money is one of those things we struggle to talk about.

Right now, most of the conversations on social media are about who might be entitled to what, in the coronavirus government bailout.

And the people who – as it stands today – get nothing. The self-employed, making profits in excess of £50,000 a year. The Ltd company directors, who take their pay in dividends and don’t benefit from the coronavirus support packages.

But there are others. The people who remain hidden and unmentioned. Unless you’re one of them…

No-one wants to say how this dreadful situation is truthfully impacting on their personal circumstances.

You’d never want anyone to know how worried you are, how overdrawn you are or that your piggy bank is empty.

Or that actually, financially, you’re fine.

Because there are people out there, who have chosen not to have the brand-new phone or car over the years. So they could build up a savings buffer, with their outgoings covered for the next 3-6 months.

The people who diligently spend below their means and keep on top of how much things cost in their life. Who don’t let their expenses spiral, just because their business takes off.

These are business owners who pay themselves a fixed amount each month, no matter how much money comes in. So that they can build up a surplus to pay themselves (and their staff) during months where they choose to take a holiday, or if a client doesn’t pay an invoice on time.

They have their tax and VAT money put away, because they know it was never theirs to start with.

They saw what happened in the last recession and made tough choices, to make sure they’d never go through that pain and uncertainty again.

These are the people who are relieved that they got their ducks in a row some time ago.

They sit quietly on the side-lines, torn between feeling sad and sympathetic to the plight of their fellow man, while wondering why so many of them had no ‘what if’ plans in place.

None of us wants to come across as smug, pompous on self-righteous.

So understandably, you won’t see these people posting on social media!

But it means they’re asking me different questions right now.  

  • Should I be investing while the markets are low?
  • How can I ensure my business continues to grow, as the nation reels from this crisis?
  • What does this mean for my long-term financial goals and all the dreams I have?
  • How can I see the positive in this situation and take some steps forward, without profiteering from other people’s misfortune?
  • How can I use this extra gift of time I have been given, now that I’m not as busy at work?

And I help them adjust the plan we’ve worked on together, so that it reflects their new normal and is ready to adapt again (if it needs to).

For some people, COVID-19 is a bump in the road (albeit a massive one). But it feels hard to reach out for support to keep moving forward, when you know so many others are struggling.  

If this is you, I can help you.

This is what I do with my 1:1 clients. It’s about making the best of a bad situation and the relief you then feel, to concentrate on your health, family and the things that really matter.

If you want to chat about future-proofing your business and your lifestyle once and for all – here’s where you can book a call in my diary now.

I’d love to talk more about working together!

Until next time,


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